Hubei Daily commented: Rural toilet reform cannot be "paper revolution"

Posted time: 2019-12-03 14:14 source: Hubei civilization network

The purpose of Huimin work is to benefit the people, and the dissatisfaction of the masses should be regarded as the ultimate pursuit. "Building without using" is a phenomenon in the current rural toilet reformation, and some areas have made good things into bad things.

Xinhua News Agency reported that the State Council ’s rural human settlements improvement work inspection team in some places in Anhui and Henan found that the toilets in some villages and towns had been rebuilt were not easy to use and could not be used. The toilets were left idle for a long time and became “furnishings”. The inspection team's inspection in some rural areas of Zhangqiu, Jinan, Shandong found that there were problems such as false reports of the number of toilets in the local rural area, and the issue of toilets. In the implementation of the policy, "for the sake of having something," and "building for the sake of building" in the process of toilet modification, perfunctory and cope with things, the purpose of the "restroom revolution" has not been achieved, and the sense of gain of the masses cannot be talked about.

The rural "toilet revolution" is related to the improvement of the quality of life of hundreds of millions of farmers. It is not only an important basic project, but also a livelihood project. General Secretary Xi Jinping has issued important instructions many times, emphasizing that the toilet issue is not a trivial matter, and we must do a good job. The use of sanitary toilets is a general expectation of the peasants, and the vast majority of farmers hold a positive attitude towards toilet modification. Reconstructing every latrine in the countryside in a down-to-earth manner is to solve the most direct and most realistic interests of the people.

In recent years, the achievements of the rural "toilet revolution" are obvious to all, but some of the issues that have emerged are also worthy of vigilance. A community spot-checked more than 10 farmers who completed toilet changes last year and found that none of the toilets were in normal use. The village and town cadres actually said they did not know this; some local toilets lacked scientific guidance, and staff lacked relevant qualifications. New toilets have engineering quality problems. Village cadres said that “the toilet renovation is required from the top, and it will be good to cope with the past.” The toilet modification appliances were issued immediately, and no one was asked after the completion. The toilets of the masses were not reconstructed and accepted. Fake things from time to time; some rural toilets are advancing rapidly, and newly rebuilt latrines have not yet been delivered for use, but aqua latrines have been demolished early ... They have been changed, impatient, the quality of new toilets is not hard, "Revolution", some areas have done good things into bad things.

The purpose of Huimin work is to benefit the people, and the dissatisfaction of the masses should be regarded as the ultimate pursuit. The good people's livelihood project, why is it deformed and deformed in some places, and it has become a "half pull" project? Judging from the investigation of the inspection team, the lack of responsibility of the responsible subjects is a fundamental problem. In the rural toilet reform, some are inconvenient to use, some are not quality, some are incomplete, and some management has not kept up. In all these cases, the small toilets are not regarded as a big livelihood of the people, and the toilet revolution is regarded as a popular project. In some places, rural toilet reform is used as an indicator task to cope with, and to dress up as a political achievement project, but it does not put the interests of the villagers first. It seems to be violent, but it actually hurts the people, and in the unrealistic toss, makes good things change. taste.

The survival of the people lies in every little thing, and the little things of millions of people are a big thing. At this stage, the improvement of rural human settlements is in full swing across the country, and the toilet revolution has become a hot spot of concern for the whole society. The toilet revolution, in particular, needs to be promoted in the practical needs of improving the quality of life of the masses. The more urgent the task, the more highly anticipated it is, and the less tolerant of formalism. Make the masses useless and use them as "hard indicators", grasp the work goals, construction standards, and follow-up management so that the toilet revolution will not "change for the sake of change", but for the people's livelihood. (Lei Zhou)

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