Sichuan Province Innovates and Explores Traditional Culture Education Guides Youth to Plant Cultural Foundations

Posted: 2019-12-03 16:15 Source: Sichuan civilization network

"Culture is the soul of a country and a nation. Culture rejuvenates the country and promotes culture, and culture strengthens the nation." Sichuan Province continues to explore innovative models that promote traditional culture, and adheres to cultural roots and adheres to lively inheritance. The position's traditional cultural education activities guide young people to draw strength from Chinese excellent traditional culture, inherit classics, and strengthen cultural self-confidence.

School education: non-heritage activities enter campus and revitalize traditional culture

Activities to enter the campus of drama, children's shadow play production activities, Chinese classics reading competitions ... In order to integrate Chinese excellent traditional culture into school education, help and guide the majority of young people to build up cultural foundations, and strengthen cultural self-confidence, various traditional cultural developments have been carried out in various parts of Sichuan. Campus activities bring traditional culture back to life on campus.

Guangxi City Lizhou District's "Traditional Opera on Campus" 2019 entered Jialing Elementary School. The opera team brought wonderful Sichuan opera lantern drama "filial piety to persuade mother", unique Sichuan opera "change face and spit fire", and flute solo " More than 3,000 students from Jialing Elementary School enjoyed a beautiful opera culture dinner, including opera performances such as “Encouraging Horses and Grains”, erhu solo "Horse Racing", and Guzheng "Fishing Singing Evening". The children's shadow play production activity of “Happy Childhood Sharing Shadow Play” held by the library and art museum in Zigong City of Zigong entered the Phoenix Elementary School in Daan District. The teacher explained the production, modeling, history and inheritance of shadow play for the students. Under the guidance of the teacher, the children produced a life-like shadow puppet work through painting, sculpting and other steps. Teachers and classmates also performed classic repertoires such as the shadow play "Three Loans of Banana Fans" and "Trouble in Heaven".

The No. 3 Middle School of Mianyang City launched the "Chinese Classics Recitation" competition. Each class used Chinese recitation, chanting and other forms to interpret Chinese classical Chinese learning. The students also ingeniously incorporated dance, calligraphy and other performance elements, expressing their understanding of classic poems with unique presentation methods, highlighting the charm of classic poems and demonstrating the outstanding style of Mianyang No. 3 Middle School. Huashan Road School of Deyang City launched a calligraphy competition called “Inheriting the Art of Calligraphy and Creating a Moxiang Campus”. More than 400 students formed a square in a calligraphy competition, writing with brushes, pens, and pencils. The school also invited the calligraphers in Jingyang District to splash ink on the spot, improvise and create dozens of paintings and calligraphy works such as "wenxiangyixin", "education to rejuvenate the country", "solve evangelism" and so on. This activity not only stimulated the enthusiasm of teachers and students to love and learn calligraphy, but also promoted the understanding, understanding and inheritance of calligraphy art between teachers and students.

Frontier Expansion: Village School Children's Palace Becomes Base for Heritage Heritage

Children's palaces in rural schools in various Sichuan provinces dig deep into local excellent traditional cultural resources, integrate traditional culture into the classroom, run through the education system, set up local school-based courses, create traditional cultural positions, and promote the popularization of Chinese excellent traditional culture among young people.

Jiaoguan Jiaguan Nine-year School Rural School Children's Palace introduced Chengdu's non-heritage project-Jiaguan "Wangdian Stilt", opened special courses on stilts to let students understand the historical and cultural origins of stilts, and hired passers from Jiaguan to guide students Master the craftsmanship of stilts, the techniques of bundling stilts, the skills of walking on stilts, and the corresponding dance movements, so that the "Wangdian Stilt" culture will be deeply rooted in the students' minds. Pengzu Taiji school-based curriculum was established in the Children's Palace of Jiangkou Town Central Elementary School Rural School in Pengshan District, Meishan City, and the Pengzu Taiji Society was established. , Pengzu Taiji calligraphy, Pengzu Taiji painting and other series of activities to strengthen students' understanding of local culture. Guang'an City Guang'an District Hope Primary School Rural School Children's Palace uses "a set of Chinese textbooks, a weekly study of Chinese classics, and a week of Chinese lesson education" to create a country school children's palace with characteristics of Chinese classics. It truly realizes the "learning" of traditional culture. "Pass it on."

Baimojiang School Village School Children's Palace of Qiongshi City has carefully compiled the school-based textbook "Bamboo Legacy", established a Bamboo Weaving Room, opened a Bamboo Weaving Course, and introduced living bamboo weaving and porcelain-bamboo bamboo weaving into the classroom, allowing students to receive training in bamboo weaving skills. Combining them, cultivating their "attentive, patient, and meditative" character and aesthetic taste, so that the traditional intangible cultural heritage of Pingle porcelain bamboo weaving can be better inherited. Sichuan Qingyin and Qingmiao Art Association courses are offered in the Children's Palace of Tanghu Middle School Village School in Shuangliu District, Chengdu. The school devoted itself to writing a school-based textbook "Qingmiao Blossoms-Sichuan Qingyin Campus Reader", and with the assistance of the Sichuan Qingyin Qingmiao Art Troupe, he created "Shooting School Bags to School", "Little Angels with Golden Wings" and "Sichuan Qingyin Everyone" "Study", "Drums of Drums", "Flower Catch", "Kite Flying", "Looking forward to return home early" and other outstanding unvoiced works. Pengzhou Tianpeng Town Xijiao Elementary School relies on the Village School Children ’s Palace and the school ’s “Peer Academy” to set up a Sichuan Opera Society, set up a Sichuan Opera Training Room, purchase performance costumes, props and related equipment for the Sichuan Opera Society, and specially invites professional instructors from the Pengzhou Sichuan Opera Association Every Thursday afternoon, students will be trained strictly in aria, steps and movements.

Social co-education: Ba Shu descendants teach classes to continue the roots of traditional culture

In order to "live" the excellent traditional culture, various places in Sichuan invited Xia's windmill, Deyang tide fan, shadow puppet theatre and other passers-by to give lectures, entertaining and entertaining, realizing the non-heritage culture lively inheritance, and letting the excellent traditional culture take root in the young generation. Succession to legend.

The seventh non-heritage community practice activity was held in the Economic Development Zone of Suining City, and Xia Hai, the fifth generation inheritor of Xia's Windmill, was invited to take a different practice class for the children. In the practical class, under the guidance of Mr. Xia Lao, the students used bamboo sticks, pins, and glue to make colorful Xia's windmills flying in the wind. I also learned about the development and inheritance of the Xia family ’s windmill through a short film, and expressed that we must inherit and spread the Xia family ’s windmill culture. The Cultural and Sports Tourism Bureau of Jingyang District, Deyang City, and the Second Middle School of Deyang City have jointly organized an intangible cultural heritage "Deyang Chaofan" to enter the campus. At the event, Yang Zhanyong, the successor of the Deyang Chao Fan, demonstrated and explained the making process of the Chao Fan to the students, and let them feel the unique cultural charm of the Chao Fan. The Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum in Chengdu has launched a museum social education project-"A Lesson in Thatched Cottage" for the majority of young people, integrating traditional poetry culture into on-site teaching in primary and secondary schools. It is reported that Du Fu's Thatched Cottage invites professional teachers to arrange various excellent traditional culture learning courses for children every week. Since the operation of "One Lesson in Thatched Cottage", it has participated in tens of thousands of students and benefited hundreds of thousands of citizens.

The Leshan Sichuan Opera Troupe selects more than ten young and middle-aged Sichuan opera actors every year, and teaches intensively on a weekly basis in Sichuan Opera Schools in Leshan Experimental Middle School and Leshan Experimental Primary School. The Sichuan opera instructors also carry out basic skills, aria, and body teaching according to the students' situation, and tailor-made a complete Sichuan opera small program "play with power" to deepen children's understanding of Sichuan opera, cultivate their interest in Sichuan opera, and let more and more The more children come to the Sichuan opera stage. The “Shadow Puppet Play Little Inheritor” charity class sponsored by the Chengdu Women's Federation started at the Children's Home in Niusha Road Community, Jinjiang District, Chengdu. The event invited the Puppet Play Inheritor to perform a puppet show story, tell the story behind the shadow play, The children showed how the shadow puppet "moved". The children are still making shadow puppets under the guidance of the heirs. After drawing, engraving, sanding, and coloring ... A piece of delicate shadow puppet works was born from the children.

Chinese excellent traditional culture is the crystallization of human wisdom and the fruit of civilization. It is also a valuable heritage passed down from generation to generation, and young people are an important force to inherit and develop Chinese traditional culture. In the process of promoting traditional culture education, Sichuan Province has established a close relationship between young people and traditional culture, integrated traditional culture into students' ideological and moral education, cultural knowledge education, arts and sports education, social practice education, and fully exerted traditional culture to nourish the soul, The role of nurturing growth, deepening the youth's identification and self-confidence in traditional culture, so that minors can continue to inherit the genes of civilization in traditional culture.

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