The Red Family Story of the Old Party Member Guo Jingyun's Family: The First Heart of the Three Generations

Posted time: 2019-10-12 11:13 source: Hubei civilization network

Guo Jingyun preached the core values of socialism for teachers and students in the "first lesson" of the experimental primary school in Shacheng District. (Photo by Huang Zhigang)

On the podium, there was an old man with gray hair, trembling with spirits and words.

Off the stage, the children listened with great interest and laughed from time to time.

On September 1, Shacheng Experimental Primary School. With the theme of "Inheriting the Red Gene and Firmly Establishing Socialist Core Values", the old man told the children "the first lesson of school".

The old man is named Guo Jingyun. He is 83 years old and has a 66-year-old party. The most important thing in his life is whether the younger generation can inherit the revolutionary beliefs and spirit.

19 years ago, Guo Jingyun retired without fading, and began to preach the spirit of Yan'an voluntarily. He not only kept in mind the red revolutionary spirit of his predecessors "love the party, for the party", but also deeply rooted in his children and grandchildren the pursuit and belief of "feeling the party's grace, listening to the party, and following the party."

"My proudest thing in this life is that we have 16 members in three generations and 12 members of the Communist Party!" Guo Jingyun said. It is the glory of the family to use the same family name and the same party membership to guide the family style.

"Thank the party, listen to the party, and follow the party"-red seeds take root in the family

"I hope that my classmates will be loyal to the motherland and the people, and strive to be good and upright teenagers, from a young age to become a newcomer to the era of national rejuvenation!" During the preaching, Guo Jingyun recounted a letter from the anti-Japanese hero Zhao Yiman, a revolutionary martyr. The story of Fang Zhimin's poem encourages the children to buckle the "first button" in life.

Guo Jingyun's deep thinking and funny language brought a spiritual feast of red culture to the teachers and students.

"Although Grandpa Guo is 83 years old, he still stands on the podium to preach for us because he has a firm belief. We must learn from Grandpa Guo and let the red gene be passed down from generation to generation."

"The good life is exchanged with blood and life by countless revolutionary martyrs. We must keep in mind that today's happiness is hard-won, study hard, and make our motherland more prosperous."

Guo Jingyun's red story ignited the tinder of patriotism in children, activated the source of children's self-confidence, and accompanied their patriotism for life.

Guo Jingyun persisted for 19 years, giving more than 300 lectures and more than 70,000 listeners.

What supports the elders from propaganda from the year of the corset to the age of the next? Guo Jingyun's answer was: "I'm a Communist!"

In Guo Jingyun's extended family, he was the first Communist Party member and joined the party on September 11, 1953. "I was born in the old society and grew up in New China. It is the party that educated me and nurtured me. I want to feel the favor of the party, listen to the party, and follow the party!"

In 1936, Guo Jingyun was born in Hanyang. At the age of 4, his father, Guo Yuhua, died unfortunately during the War of Resistance Against Japan, and his mother refused to pay a pension and returned to his hometown with his young son. In January 1952, Guo Jingyun, an apprentice in Hankou, participated in the "Three Antis" and "Five Antis" movements in Wuhan, and was later named an excellent worker in the hardware system in Wuhan.

On July 15, 1952, under the recommendation of the Wuhan Federation of Trade Unions, Guo Jingyun entered the Hubei People's Revolutionary University to study. He learned theories, listened to reports, and talked about his ideals. Although he had a hard life, he always worked hard, studied hard, and worked hard to draw spiritual nutrients. In the melting pot of this revolution, he planted the seeds of the Yan'an spirit in his heart, and strengthened his belief and pursuit of "sense of the party, listen to the party, and follow the party."

"The experience of studying at the University of Luxembourg is a valuable asset in my life. I have harvested three cornerstones of my life: follow the Communist Party, obey organizational arrangements, serve the people with loyalty, and benefit from life!" He has won commendations dozens of times in work units, industry systems, municipal, provincial, and national levels. He said: "It is the training and teaching of the party that spurs me to pursue progress at all times."

Listen to the party and follow the party. Guo Jingyun also gave his beliefs and pursuits as gifts to his children and grandchildren. From children to grandchildren, he asked everyone to "join the youth, join the youth, and join the party as adults."

Under the guidance of the red spirit, from the eldest son to the party in 1979 to the third grandson, the Guo Jingyun family has developed to four members in the second generation and six members in the third generation. .

"Being clean and innocent"-pure party style leads Qingzheng family style

In 1996, Guo Jingyun, then Deputy Minister of the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Municipal Personnel Bureau, retired.

"Mr. Guo, please come to our company as a consultant, instead of coming to work every day, you will be charged a consultant fee of 5,000 yuan per month." Just after retiring, the CEO of a company called "invitation".

At that time, Guo Jingyun retired with a monthly salary of 900 yuan. Facing "huge" consultant fees, he resolutely refused: "Do nothing, and if you take this money, you will never feel secure."

To love the party, practice it with actual actions.

Innocence and cleanliness is Guo Jingyun's lifelong red line, and also expresses his love for the party.

To preach the spirit of Yan'an voluntarily, Guo Jingyun has the "four no" rules: do not answer, do not send, do not eat, and do not accept.

Nearby, the old man walked and said "exercise"; far away, he took a bus and called it "ground gas". In case of lectures that he couldn't quit, he paid special party fees or donated them to students in difficulty.

In the eyes of children, his father's persistence throughout his life is somewhat "unfriendly."

In 1984, Guo Jingyun was transferred from Xiulin Town, Shishou City to Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Industrial Bureau of Jingzhou District Administrative Office, and his wife Zeng Duan'e was transferred from Shishou to the city. Zeng Duan'e originally thought that he would be arranged in the education system and be a cadre, but he never wanted to be placed in an enterprise.

"Mother didn't say much, just muttered, 'Why wasn't it arranged in the education system?' The father replied, 'Where the organization is arranged, go!'" Second son Guo Haiying recalled that his father said I have a deep memory.

In the early days of reform and opening up, the state implemented a "dual-track system" for the supply of materials, and the market price of the same material was often much higher than the planned price. At that time, the third son was working in a material company, and steel was scarce and the task was overwhelming. Knowing that Guo Jingyun was "difficult to speak", he still tried to "open his mouth", hoping that the father of the then director of the Industry Bureau would approve a few tons of planned steel.

"Unsurprisingly, I was sternly rejected by my father on the spot and gave me a serious political lesson." The third son said that he was somewhat incomprehensible to his father at the time. Over the years, he increasingly feels that it is important and valuable to be indifferent to self-interest and self-interest.

Since then, no matter what position or position he is in, the three sons, like his father, have resolutely "no hello, no note."

Family style is actually very simple.

In 1992, second son Guo Haiying was admitted to work in Jingzhou Highway Bureau. It was learned that he was working in the fee collection department. Some young students, classmates, and friends came to "trust relations" one after another, hoping to apply for a free pass. "There are strict regulations for buses to enjoy free traffic, and they must be handled in accordance with policies and procedures." He said that doing his part and keeping his heart on the job cannot be separated from the profound influence of family style.

Innocence and cleanliness are the insistence of Guo Jingyun throughout his life, as well as the family morals of the Guo family.

"Practical and Steady Officers" —— Acting to Pass on Belief

At Guo Jingyun's family, family heritage does not need to be deliberately instilled, but is formed in daily life.

Opening the resumes of the three generations of Guo Jingyun's family, the reporter found that most of the family members were the backbone of their own units, and they were all commended. "Although my father used to be the director of personnel and the deputy director of the organization department, we have never used power or intervened in the work arrangements of our four siblings." Guo Haiying said that everyone's growth and achievements have been down to earth. .

In 1976, Guo Haiying responded to the call of knowledge youth to go to the mountains and countryside, and was not assigned to the educated youth spots with better production and living conditions, but was assigned to the suburban production team. At that time, his father was the secretary of the Party Committee of Xiulin Township. As for the distribution of his son to the countryside, Guo Jingyun had only one sentence: "Go where the organization needs it, and do it well!"

This year, Guo Haiying was 16 years old and arranged to collect large feces for the production team. Every day, he carried a dung bucket across the country road, the road was uneven, and he stumbled. The dung water in the dung bucket splashed all day, and the whole day was covered with dung water and odor. Although the conditions were hard, Guo Haiying never complained to his father, and it lasted 3 years.

His father's role model and strict requirements imprinted the practical officer in the hearts of his children; Guo Haiying worked hard in a difficult environment and tempered the outstanding qualities of a responsible person.

After serving as a soldier for 5 years, he worked for more than 8 years at the grassroots level. In 1992, Guo Haiying was successfully admitted to the Jingzhou Highway Bureau with his strong personal qualities.

In 2003, nationwide implementation of "loans to build roads, toll repayment of loans" and "maintain bridges by road and maintain roads by road". Guo Haiying, who works in the Planning and Finance Section, received the task of exploring the financing model for the construction of the National Highway 207 from Jingzhou to Gongan Juanqiao and National Highway 318 from Wancheng to Yajiao.

With tight schedules and heavy tasks, Guo Haiying and her colleagues paid close attention to researching policies at all times, seizing every opportunity to visit banking institutions, talking about prospects, discussing expectations, and calculating returns over and over again. Finally, construction funds were raised, and the project started smoothly. He also won the title of "Top Ten Public Servants of Jingzhou Transportation System in 2005".

Today, the good family style of the Guo family's “steady-minded officers” is also passed on to the third generation. "Among my seven grandchildren and their partners, there are four masters, two doctors, and one senior engineer. These are the hard-earned and hard-working children who harvested!" Guo Jingyun said proudly.

After her granddaughter Guo Shuting graduated from university, she was admitted to Zhuhai No. 1 Middle School to teach English and served as a class teacher. In teaching, not only teach knowledge points, but also help students find suitable learning methods to improve learning efficiency; ideologically, actively guide students to recognize the purpose and significance of learning, and lead everyone to take the initiative to learn; in life, they are also big friends of children. Sharing life insights and channeling negative emotions ...

Yan Zhong has wide, wide middle and love. For 6 years of work, Guo Shuting has won the respect and gratitude of students and parents with hard work and dedication, and has been rated as "Excellent Teacher" by local education departments and schools for many times.

"In our family, joining the party is a hard requirement. I did n’t fully understand it when I was a student. After working, I became more and more aware of my grandfather's hard work." Guo Shuting said, the party style guides the family style, brings work, and integrates into life. Only then can we realize the value of life, "We will certainly carry on this good family practice!"

With a good family style and strict tutoring, Guo Jingyun preached to help his children and grandchildren buckle the "first buckle" of their lives, and set up life coordinates for them in a silent way ... (Jingzhou Daily reporter Xiao Xiao trainee reporter Wan Yang correspondent Ye Hejing)

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