Ezhou promotes garbage classification “turning waste into treasure”

Posted time: 2019-11-26 11:02 source: Hubei civilization network

In late October 2019, Ezhou City announced the implementation plan for the classification of urban and rural domestic waste. According to the requirements, the Liangzihu District of Ezhou City, Hubei Province must achieve the classification of rural domestic garbage in all towns and 80% of administrative villages by the end of the year. In 2020, full coverage will be achieved.

Since being selected as one of the country's first hundred rural domestic garbage classification and resource utilization demonstration sites in 2017, it has been more than two years since Liangzihu District has explored the classification of rural domestic garbage. No distinction is made, can it be unsustainable, can it achieve the goals of reduction, resource utilization and harmlessness, what kind of “examination papers” for the classification of rural household waste in this area?

Promote habit formation

"What used to be thrown away as garbage is now treasure, such as mineral water bottles, oil cans, waste paper, old clothes, etc., which can be exchanged for corresponding points. One point is equivalent to one dime. Xiong Chengmao, a villager from Wanxiu Village, Tujiabang Town, said that he just went to the garbage exchange supermarket a few days ago and used 1,000 points to exchange two pots of oil.

Trash for points, points for merchandise, this "chicken for sugar" story is known to all children in Wanxiu Village. In 2016, Wanxiu Village established a unified system and norms, and distributed a garbage classification score card to each household. A garbage exchange supermarket was established in the village, and villagers can use the score card to redeem daily necessities.

The village divides the garbage into four categories: recyclable garbage, kitchen waste, rotten garbage and other garbage. According to the idea of "recyclable garbage for supplies, rotten garbage into marsh wells, and other waste pressed into cakes", The concept of "chicken feathers for sugar" is to score points for the amount of recyclable garbage and toxic waste in rural areas, establish a peasant garbage classification score card, and set up a garbage exchange supermarket at the village level.

Echo City Wutonghu Community Garbage Classification and Environmental Protection House Picture source: Ezhou Wenming Network

Picture source: Ezhou civilization network

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the pilot, Wanxiu Village set up a village-style civilization council to conduct weekly environmental sanitation and waste classification inspections and comparisons, to give points to villagers who rank first in the week, month, season, and year, and to not participate in garbage. Classifieds were reported in the whole village.

Yang Yisheng, an old party member and cadre of Wanxiu Village, said that the soil method of "chicken feathers for sugar" is very useful.

In addition to using the "feather-for-sugar" model to encourage community residents to sort waste, the Wutong Lake Community will also select waste sorting and setting pacemakers based on the waste sorting records recorded by smart environmental protection houses, and give them red list recognition and material rewards.

For the decomposable garbage, the Wutong Lake community has set up a decomposable organic fertilizer manufacturing station for secondary sorting. The decomposable garbage is made through a series of processes such as crushing, squeezing, filtering, sedimentation, inputting fermentation of bacteria, and drying. Organic Fertilizer. The produced organic fertilizer will be donated to the local residents for the cultivation of flowers, plants and fruit trees.

"There are not many things that can be exchanged for garbage, but it is a useful attempt and a positive incentive for garbage classification." Liang Bing, Guo Bing, said that the implementation of garbage classification at the level of villagers' details requires the "willingness to divide". The problem is that "chicken feathers for sugar" focuses on promoting habit development and changing the past "one packet loss" habit.

To a certain extent, the unwillingness to divide comes from the inability to divide, and villagers find garbage classification a troublesome task. "I haven't read a book, I don't know a few characters, and I don't know how to divide them." The cadres came to promote waste sorting, and there were not many people who responded in this way. Therefore, at the front end, Liangzi Lake District adopts the most basic "two-point method", with two dry and wet trash cans placed at the door of each house. In the subsequent links, a full-time cleaning and sorting staff is added to take charge of the secondary classification of the garbage after the villagers have sorted it.

"In the first month, less than 40 tons of garbage were collected, and later it increased, reaching 140 tons at the peak." The person in charge of Liangyu Recycling Resources Co., Ltd., who participated in the pilot project of rural household waste classification in Liangzihu District, said so.

"It shows that the villagers' habits are gradually changing, but this is also a long-term work, which requires gradual and long-term work." Guo Bing introduced that the next stage will also adopt the method of replacing compensation with reductions to increase the investment rate. And classification accuracy.

Exploration of marketization of garbage classification

Zhang Ziyu, a cleaner at Yang Yihuang Bay, Zhushan Village, Zhushan Town. Since last year, she has an additional daily task: classifying the garbage collected from each household. "The unrecyclable garbage is towed away by vehicles, and the recyclable and harmful garbage are cleaned up separately." Zhang Ziyu said.

In particular, recyclable garbage is another economic source of Zhang Ziyu's salary. Guo Bing introduced that at the beginning of 2018, Liangzihu District outsourced the waste collection and transportation of the pilot villages and bays to the Waste Recycling Resources Co., Ltd. to explore a market-oriented model of "store collection and transportation". In this model, the cleaners in each natural bay are the first ring.

"The cleaners are at the forefront, followed by a collection point set up by the agency in the village. Each point is assigned a sorter, and the company arranges the vehicles to be collected in each village." Liangzihu District Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau said, Garbage classification company, recyclable and hazardous waste will be transferred twice, and each transfer will be completed in the form of commodity purchase and sale. "For example, wine bottles, cardboard boxes, scrap metal, etc., the cleaners sell to the sorters at market prices, the latter And sell it to the company for a bit more. "

At present, the company is responsible for garbage collection and transportation in 70 villages in Liangzi Lake District, and has accumulated more than 9,000 tons of recyclable garbage.

"By introducing waste sorting companies, a closed loop from waste sorting to disposal was formed." Guo Bing said.

Uneven hot and cold in the two-barrel in the trash

Yuan Renyi lives in 14 buildings in the Wutong Lake community. He divides his household waste into two bags each morning and throws them into two trash bins downstairs. "The perishable garbage with green peels and leftovers, and the gray ones are broken. Cloth, waste glass bottles, etc.

Not far from the community, this is a new organic waste sorting and processing station this year. "The daily processing capacity of the treatment station is 2 tons, and 1 ton of perishable waste can be converted into more than 100 kg of organic fertilizer." Said Han Ping, head of the residential construction department of Wutong Lake New District. The daily fertilizer produced here is used by nearby businesses, fruits and vegetables. Farmers and residents rushed out.

"The processing station was built in cooperation with a company in Zhejiang Province and invested more than 2.8 million yuan." Guo Bing said that although the intelligent waste classification in Wutonghu New District can achieve the effect of "smart classification and resource regeneration", but due to the large investment, Failed to push away across the region.

In other pilot villages and bays in the Liangzi Lake District, it was found that the dry trash cans "eat up", the wet trash cans "unsatisfactory", and the "two-barrels" being unevenly hot and cold. In particular, the classification and treatment of perishable garbage are basically blank.

Every year, Liangzi Lake District cuts 5.4 million yuan from ecological compensation funds for the harmless treatment of garbage. "If all 70 villages do like the Wutong Lake New District, there will still be too much pressure on funding." Ming Qiusheng said that at present the Liangzihu District can be used for rural perishable waste disposal.

In order to make up for the shortcomings, Liangzi Lake District is also looking for other ways to balance the production and recycling of perishable waste. Liangzi and Donggou towns have planned to construct perishable waste anaerobic treatment facilities in the garbage compression transfer station to harmlessly treat perishable waste in the area under their jurisdiction. (Ezhou Civilization Network Comprehensive)

Editor-in-chief: Wang Jiong
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