Hefeng: "The Most Beautiful" Selection Activates a Pool of Spring Water

Posted time: 2019-11-28 09:02 source: Hubei civilization network

On November 21st, the 2019 "Most Beautiful Hefeng" online voting was launched. 20 most beautiful candidates, 18 most beautiful families, 9 most beautiful villages were voted by the masses. Hefeng, a small mountainous county with a population of only 220,000, was lively. The polling official website and official micro-visitors reached 440,000 visits on the first day, with more than 340,000 people participating in the voting.

How did these "most beautiful candidates" come about? Hefeng County Party Committee Deputy Secretary Qin Zhengwei introduced that the 219 "most beautiful" units selected by the villagers' group elections, administrative village elections, and township evaluations will enter the county-level elections after screening. They will also receive expert jury ratings, WeChat voting, public voting, etc. Three links, contesting 10 "most beautiful Hefeng people", 10 "most beautiful families" and 3 "most beautiful villages (communities)" of the year.

Why is the "most beautiful" selection so hot? "An important reason is that the people themselves comment and everyone participates." Wang Xiaoping, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Enshi Prefecture People's Congress and secretary of the Hefeng County Party Committee, introduced that in addition to the 10,000 yuan bonus given to individuals or families in the county, the most beautiful family members and the most beautiful Hefeng people Free medical examinations are available at the county central hospital each year, and patients can be treated free of charge at the county central hospital. Children are free of charge to attend school, and they are awarded 5,000 yuan for college admission. If you want to start a business and develop an industry, the government provides a loan guarantee of 300,000 yuan and discounts, etc.

What does the most beautiful selection bring to Hefeng? "Everyone learns from the people around him, and each strives to be the most beautiful." Hefeng County Mayor Peng Yuanhong introduced that nowadays, there are fewer pull-ups, fewer obstacles to project construction, fewer petitions, and fewer illegal houses. . In 2016, Hefeng was appraised as “National Advanced County in Rule of Law Propaganda and Education”. In 2018, the county's 51 key poverty-stricken villages were listed, becoming the first batch of "uncap" counties in the province. In May this year, Hefeng's most beautiful selection experience was selected into the national ideological and political innovation case. Residents' sense of security, public order satisfaction, law enforcement compliance, awareness rate, and participation rate have been at the forefront of counties and cities in the province for many years.

"Taking the most beautiful selection as the starting point, continue to take the" four new and eight no "as a necessary condition to establish a grassroots social governance system of rule of law, rule of virtue, and self-government" three rules of integration. " New fashions, developing new cultures, fostering new citizens, and building new homes; no illegal petitions, no obstructions to construction, no out-of-policy childbirth, no illegal housekeeping, no illegal building, no logging, no hunting, no playing cards Gambling without neighborhood disputes. Families who have not achieved the "four new and eight nothing" shall not be selected as "ten-star civilized households", and the village where they are located shall not be selected as a civilized new village. Those who have not participated in the evaluation of "ten-star civilized households" and civilized new villages are not allowed to participate in the "most beautiful" selection activity.

Expert Reviews

A role model

Tang Weiqing, Deputy Dean and Associate Professor, School of Ethnology and Sociology, Hubei University for Nationalities

Since Hefeng County continued to carry out the "most beautiful" selection activity in 2013, it found "the most beautiful", recommended "the most beautiful", passed "the most beautiful", and embarked on a unique new way of grassroots social governance.

Every year, 220,000 people in the county participate in the selection. The "most beautiful" objects selected by the various levels will drive the people to become rich; some respect the elderly, husbands and wives, and family harmony; some are physically disabled, not afraid of hardships, and brave Struggle; some are enthusiastic about charity, help others, and solve difficulties; some are based on their own posts, love their posts, work hard, and work hard, and they show upward, good, and good spirits. A role model, a power. As the most beautifully selected brands continue to polish, and continue to gather positive social energy, leading 220,000 Hefeng people to be proud of "beauty".

In order to improve the people's identity and satisfaction, grass-roots social governance urgently needs to innovate in governance thinking and governance mechanisms. This "most beautiful" business card in Hefeng County has greatly promoted the formation of a good atmosphere in the county's grass-roots social governance. The driving role. (Li Yanyin, correspondent of Hubei Daily, correspondent Li Yanrui, Shen Yujie)

Editor-in-chief: Wang Jiong
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