Wuhan's "People Call Me" Single-Type Service Sowing New Age Cultural Seeds

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Bird's eye view of Fasi Township, Jiangxia District. Profile picture

Civilized practice brand activities entered Wuhan universities. Profile picture

Old people are enjoying lunch at the "Old Man's House" of Zhanglin Community, New Town Civilization Practice Station, Tancheng Street, Xinzhou District. Profile picture

Editor's note

The text contains the word, Germany and Israel. To advance the practice of civilization in the new era, we must cultivate and shape people in a civilized environment of virtue and goodness. Constantly improving people's ideological consciousness, moral standards, civilization literacy, and the level of civilization of the whole society, and vigorously advancing the construction of the civilization practice center in the new era are strategic measures to strengthen and improve rural spiritual civilization in the new era. Since the beginning of this year, Wuhan has continued to deepen the structural reform of the grass-roots cultural supply side, determined the "three lists" of mass needs, social resources and service items, and formed a "order" for the masses, a "delivery" for the street and village civilization practice, and a district civilization practice. The Center's "Public Orders" and Volunteer Service Teams "Receive Orders" model of "people respond to me", more than 1,000 public cultural venues and facilities into civilized practice positions, and make every effort to open up the public, educate, care about and serve the public " The last mile. "

Interpretation of the report of the 19th National Congress of the People ’s Bank of China, which incorporates voluntary services as public welfare indicators into the city ’s points-to-home management measures, convenience services for people at the “Bazaar” that provide free health consultations and dispute mediation, and Hubei fishing drums. ...... Nowadays, in the vast land of Jiangcheng, policy presentations are easy to understand, colorful cultural performances, cultural festivals that integrate the characteristics of the times, and heart-warming services that closely meet the needs of the people are vivid. It writes the "Wuhan Answer Sheet" of the new era civilization practice "what to do, where to do it, who to do it, how to do it".

I. Civilization and Practice Are the Foundation

"The New Age Civilization Practice Center is first and foremost a center for preaching and disseminating new ideas." This is the basis and vision for the construction of the Wuhan New Age Civilization Practice Center.

"The party, the government, the army, and the civil society, the east, the south, the north, and the south lead the party to lead everything." In advancing the construction of a new era civilization practice center with high quality, Wuhan has always adhered to the party organization's leadership and practiced the practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the party in the new era. The spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China is the primary political task. The three-level organizational structure of districts, streets (townships), and villages (communities) is established in each pilot area. The secretary and the village (community) party branch secretary respectively serve as the director of the Civilization Practice Center, the director of the Civilization Practice Institute, and the station leader of the Civilization Practice Station, and organizationally ensure the party's leadership, management, and speaking power over the practice of civilization.

The core task of the construction of the New Age Civilization Practice Center is to send the party's innovative theory to millions of households.

Nowadays, when walking into the streets, village courtyards, and fields of Wuhan, not only cultural walls, propaganda boards, and cultural stones reflecting the content of socialist core values can be seen everywhere, but also the theoretical lectures and voluntary services of village walkers are often seen. "Hussar".

In more than 900 lectures organized by each pilot area, Xi Jinping ’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, Huanghua District ’s “Wednesday appointment” literary and art volunteer publicity team, Caidian District ’s “Hanjiang pulpit”, and Xinzhou district ’s theoretical preaching of light cavalry "The evergreen preaching team of the party members in the Dongxihu District is the" star "in the eyes of the masses. They used "theory + common people + literature and art", "preaching + literature and art" and other forms to carry out all-round and wide-ranging "civilized practice · Wednesday appointment" and "Hanjiang pulpit." "Combined with what the masses" want to listen to "made the party's innovative theory" come into the house and touch the soul "and were welcomed by the masses.

"If his body is right, he will not do it; if he is not right, he will not do it." In the land of Wuhan where the two rivers meet, it is precisely the party members and cadres who play the "head goose effect" that can keep the practice of civilization upright and stable.

The Evergreen Garden New District in Dongxihu District is a civilized community in the country. It has 5 communities under its jurisdiction and a population of nearly 100,000. How to manage and serve such a large community is a difficult problem for urban governance. In the construction of the New Age Civilization Practice Center, the Party Committee of the New Area has played the "head goose effect" of party members and cadres, and has embarked on a "evergreen road for party members."

On the wall of the door building unit in the Evergreen Garden community, the research team saw various information boards that recorded the door leader of the door team and the party members who voluntarily revealed their identity. In the evergreen garden's campaign to "show the identity of party members, make promises, and play a vanguard role," 1,106 of the 1,210 party members in charge directly showed their identity while serving the construction of communities and serving the residents. Make a commitment and accept supervision.

On the basis of the "Party Member Shows Identity" activity, Evergreen Garden further carried out the "Party Member Recognition" campaign, mobilizing party members to claim "love green and protect the green, help the poor, help the poor, neighborhood watch, maintenance of public facilities, voluntary patrols, and participate in public welfare Activities, donate supplies, participate in community volunteer organizations, provide an employment opportunity, last party lesson, participate in community civilization creation activities, fitness equipment maintenance "and other service positions, issue them" community service party membership identification cards "and encourage the majority of party members to compete Be a leader in community building. The person in charge of the community introduced that 879 party members have claimed more than 1,100 posts, and more than 1,400 "double-entry and double-service" party members have reported to the jurisdiction, carried out 219 joint construction activities, and claimed 1,383 service projects.

Like the Evergreen Garden community, party members and cadres in Huangpi, Caidian, Xinzhou and other pilot areas have also joined the ranks of volunteer service. These party members and cadres participate in civilized and voluntary service as volunteers of the party members, carry out in-depth care and communication with the masses, carry out communication and exchange, and "hand in hand" and "heartly" interpret the party's purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, and spread new information in service. Ideology and interpretation of new theories, in order to shorten the distance with the masses in the service, enhance the feelings with the masses, standardize and guide the community residents to gradually develop a diligent, frugal, and civilized lifestyle.

Adhering to the leadership of the party organization, adhering to the guidance of new theories, and adhering to the leadership of the red head goose, Wuhan firmly twisted the "three adherences" to ensure the party's leadership, management, and discourse power over civilized practice work, and strengthened the civilized practice volunteer service team the power of.

2. Civilized practice, innovation is the source

Interpretation of "New Era and the Country" in the form of a recital of poetry, "I and My Motherland" chorused by more than 500 people, interpretation of the report of the 19th National Congress of the Hubei Fishing Drums ... A series of singing and dancing programs combined theoretical propaganda with literary and artistic performances, and presented them in a lively and lively lecture form.

"Theory + common people + literature and art" is the epitome of the civilized practice of Wuhan's integration of resources, innovative methods of communication and discourse to allow the party's innovative theory to "fly into the homes of ordinary people." "Civilized practice is not a new one. Revitalize the stock, make optimal increments, and integrate position resources; innovate communication methods and discourse methods, and change 'delivery' to 'a la carte'; promote 'love banks', explore diversified incentives, and inspire volunteers The vitality of the participants will effectively open up the "last mile" of propaganda, education, care and service of the masses. "At the forum, the person in charge of the Civilization Office of Huanghua District introduced. Tan Yumin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Marxist School of Wuhan University, commented, "The Party ’s innovative theoretical propaganda work in Huanghua District has made bold attempts and innovations in group positioning, resource integration, and program format, and formed a systematic project to publicize the theory. It has achieved real results and made bright spots. "According to statistics, as of now," Civilized Practice · Wednesday appointment "has held more than 500 events, attracted more than 600,000 people, and was reported more than 70 times by the central, provincial and municipal media. With a click-through rate of over 2 million times, it has received great attention and recognition from all walks of life.

For a long time, the resources of the rural spiritual civilization construction department have been scattered and self-contained. The effective supply of position resources is insufficient, supply and demand are misplaced, and no one is managing them. This is a common problem, and Wuhan is no exception.

Wuhan takes the opportunity to build a new era civilization practice center, breaks the barriers of traditional systems and mechanisms, establishes a joint meeting system of civilization practices, and conducts inventory, overall planning, and coordination of all types of position resources in cities, districts, streets, townships, villages (communities), and various departments. Categorize and integrate, build up five major platforms such as the theory publicity platform, cultural service platform, science popularization service platform, sports and health service platform, etc. Wherever the masses are, the position of civilized practice extends. Break down departmental barriers, inventory and integrate departmental cultural resources, and design theoretical lectures, rural policy consulting, scientific and technological propaganda guidance, caring for minors, cultural life, environmental protection practices, and changing customs and customs, etc. Service items for the public to "order". Each pilot area is based on the endowment of local resources and creatively carries out personalized civilization practice activities, such as the “Four Micro Work Method” created by the Dexing Community Civilization Practice Station in Qianchuan Street, the “face-to-face preaching” of red culture based on Wangjiahe Civilization Practice, and Hengdian Street. The Jianguo Community Civilization Practice Station and the joint construction and interaction of surrounding enterprises have formed one place and one product.

New media and new technologies such as "Internet +" and "two micro-ends" have been widely used in the practice activities of Wuhan civilization. The integration of Huanghua District promotes the construction of "two centers". The Huanghua App sets the entrance of the New Era Civilization Practice Center, opens the "Practice Style", "You Respond Me" and "Volunteer" columns, and optimizes the volunteer service module into the integration. The media is convenient for the people, and the platform for civilization and practice in the new era is “one-click connection” with the masses. Caidian District launched a live broadcast of Internet celebrities, promoted the integration of civilization practice propaganda and new media, and promoted the Caidian District ’s civilized etiquette norms and three-character classics through QR codes in the entire region. These new media and new technologies have expanded the field of civilized practice, closely The relationship between the party and the masses.

The flop draw, "Wednesday appointment", the core values culture wall, live broadcast of the Internet, etc. These innovative and civilized practical activity carriers use the way that the masses love to see and talk about the national conditions of the Dadao family with small incisions, and subtly transfer the party The innovative theories are incorporated into the theory, popularize the theory and popularize it, and make the people willing to listen, understand, and benefit a lot.

The main body of civilized practice is volunteers, and the main practice is voluntary service. Constantly exploring new mechanisms for voluntary service and fully motivating volunteers is the top priority of Wuhan in advancing the construction of a new era civilization and practice center. The research team learned that Wuhan adopts a diversified incentive method, and through the improvement of the volunteer insurance system, it has promoted the practice of saving points for voluntary service credits of “Love Bank” and “Love Charity Supermarket”, and included voluntary service as a public welfare indicator in the municipal points household registration method. Promote voluntary service incentive feedback into the daily life of citizens. In addition, it also chose to select 80 training teachers, and set up volunteer service training lecturers to train grassroots volunteer backbones, volunteer service organization managers and other personnel online and offline, covering more than 200,000 in 6 new urban areas. Registered volunteers, while training leaders, create a number of distinctive and influential volunteer service teams and brand projects.

3. Civilized practice, service is the key

"Promoting the situation and policies, cultivating mainstream values, and combining with volunteer services that care and help the masses can have a good communication effect." During the survey, the leaders of various pilot areas repeatedly emphasized this point. The research team also found that only by being good at discovering the needs of the masses, providing enthusiastic services, solving practical problems, and improving the lives of the masses can they truly stimulate the enthusiasm of the masses, understand the purpose of the party, be willing to follow the party firmly, and actively participate in the greatness of rural revitalization In practice, it creates the glory and miracle of the new era.

"If the masses need it, we will send it."

Through the entrance of the Huanghuang App New Age Civilization Practice Center, the theory lecture, policy and policy advice, rule of law education, culture and entertainment, sports and health, science and technology promotion guidance, care for minors, and disability assistance The ten major normalized service projects, such as poverty, environmental protection practice, and change of customs, and 30 projects including sanitary missions, "Wednesday appointments", beautiful rural construction, circuit courts, and arts and countryside. "Let the masses know our" inventory "and the masses can 'take what they need'." Up to now, the center has received orders from the masses more than 80 times, and the center has "delivered" according to the masses' needs. The mass satisfaction rate is 100%.

In order to better serve the masses, a "micro-wish" function is also set up in the "You respond to me" column. For the "micro-wishes" message, arrange for someone to collect and collectively judge. Mature projects are completed directly by the District Volunteer Service Corps or Branch or Squad. The "micro-wishes" that are difficult and reasonable at one time are incubated through the central incubator. Single service home. In this way, the center met more than 100 "micro-wishes" of all kinds.

Considering that some people, especially the elderly, would not express "micro-wishes" on the Internet, Huangpi District tried the "Three Ones" method: equipped with a civilized practice specialist, set up a micro-wish record book, and collected the mass needs once a day. After the menu of the practice station is formed and judged, the volunteer service team at this level can complete the implementation directly by this station. If it cannot be completed, it will be submitted to the higher level civilization practice center, and so on until the new era civilization practice center. In this way, the center, institute and station organized various activities and provided various services more than 300 times.

"You call, I should" "You order, I send the order" "You send the order, I evaluate the order", civilized and practical voluntary service builds a communication bridge between the government and the masses, between service and demand, supply side and demand The side is precisely docked, and the party and the people are connected.

"Where the masses are, our service extends."

In the field and in the factory buildings, a group of busy figures are active all year round. They have different identities and strengths, but they share a common name-members of the "People's Preaching Mission." The masses talk about whatever they care about, and the masses talk about whatever they like. The propagandists turned "written language", such as ecological environment protection, rural reform, livelihood protection, and people-friendly policies, into "very vernacular" and sent it to the masses, so that they could understand clearly. Understand that advancing the party's innovative theory "flies into the homes of ordinary people."

In Dongshan Street, Baiquan Street, Xin'andu Street, Xingou Town Street, and Zoumaling Street, the large-scale sitcom “Liankonggang Love” tour started scene by scene, the pioneering spirit and immigration spirit of the older generation of reclamation people The dedication spirit was vividly reproduced, which aroused strong resonance among the audience. "Chongjing Liu's Beating Wife", "Kite Marriage" and "Children's Search" and other Chu opera performances with Wuhan's regional characteristics performed in the Baiquan Auditorium for "three days and six games", bringing a cultural audiovisual feast to the residents of Baiquan. Traditional folklore programs such as auspicious yangge, happy lotus, spring clams, celebrating waist drums, dancing dragons, etc., allow the rural intangible cultural heritage to be inherited and carried forward. Sending cultural performances, folk performances, books and other "cultural go to the countryside" activities have greatly enriched the spiritual and cultural life of the masses.

In Xin'andu Elementary School, Dongshan Elementary School, Xingou Elementary School and other rural schools, the music, art, paper cutting, painting, psychological counseling and other courses brought by left-behind children's philanthropy venture projects have provided "mental health packages" for more than 100 left-behind children. , "Precision drip irrigation", so that left-behind children are no longer confused and lonely. The "Classic Children's Book Drifting Bag" presented by Peng Zhihui and his famous teacher's studio helped students and parents develop good reading habits and promote the healthy and happy growth of rural students. The off-campus "second classroom" opened by the students of the red property in Xingou Town Street not only solves the problem of unaccompanied tutoring, but also provides a platform for rural students to exchange and grow. It has become the favorite child and the most popular place for parents after school. Rest assured.

In the "Builder's House", the "Reading Together and Grow Together" ethics lecture was launched in full swing. "Builder's" Gong and Ming "" "To My Migrant Worker Brothers" series of original poems, "Learning to grow" "One-to-one" pairing service agreement, "cultural gift package" and other "one-stop" voluntary services, dissolving the loneliness of workers who are "alone in a different country and a different guest", so that tens of thousands of migrant workers can feel on the construction site Infiltration and warmth of civilized practice.

Volunteers at the "Happy Market" set up a "booth" early on the square in front of the happy cafeteria of the beautiful community. Free haircuts, appliance repairs, health consultations, dispute resolution, etc. attracted a large number of residents to experience. This regular program twice a month, "Beauty Market", is a convenience service activity that focuses on solving the residents' troubles and makes the community life better.

Countryside, school, community, family, construction site, field, etc .... Civilized practice volunteers are active everywhere, sending theories, sending culture, sending hope, sending new winds. The flower of volunteering is spreading over the land of the river city. The sense of gain and happiness of the masses The sense of security and safety has been greatly improved.

Thoughts on Promoting the Construction of Civilization Practice Center in the New Era

The construction of the New Age Civilization Practice Center is a systematic project that spreads moral civilization, deepens ideological guidance, and implements social governance. Wuhan has built the New Age Civilization Practice Center into a comprehensive platform for spiritual civilization construction that integrates ideological guidance, moral education, and cultural heritage. It has handed over what the New Age Civilization Practice Center "dos, does, and does." "How to do it" in the "Wuhan Answer Sheet" has empirical significance for reference.

——Strengthen the top-level design and work hard on the layout. Wuhan has a clear overall thinking on the construction of a civilization center for the new era. Keeping in mind the direction and mechanism of "what problem is solved", we will promote the multiple matching of "method + connotation", "education + practice", "demand + effect" of grassroots propaganda and ideological work. Keeping in mind the "what role to play" fixed function, establishing a system, giving play to the command center of the practice center and the function of executing the center, the overall work of grass-roots level learning and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thinking with Chinese characteristics is unified planning, unified scheduling, and unified advancement. Keeping abreast of the "what effect is achieved" setting goals and establishing a model, we will strive to build a group of distinctive and well-known brands in the construction of civilized practice positions, regional cultural heritage, and voluntary services.

——Work closely with the center and work hard on integration. The relationship between the construction of the civilization practice center in the new era and the new rural key work is not a "parallel" relationship, but a "serial" relationship. In advancing the construction of the New Age Civilization Practice Center, Wuhan attaches great importance to deep integration with rural rejuvenation, precision poverty alleviation, and media reform. It plans, promotes, and develops together to form a good atmosphere of mutual integration and promotion. Revitalize rural culture through extensive civilized practice activities, and cultivate civilized rural customs, good family customs, and simple folk customs. Focusing on targeted poverty alleviation, we will strengthen rural public cultural infrastructure construction and voluntary services, promote endogenous poverty alleviation, and use “helping the wisdom” and “helping the mind” to push poverty alleviation, achieve prosperity, and develop the industry. Plan ahead for the function of civilized practice in the construction of media integration, and promote the mutual promotion and complementarity of civilized practice activities on and off the Internet.

——Outstanding ideological guidance and work hard on innovation carriers. "In the new era, the center of civilization practice is and must be the center of preaching and disseminating new ideas." In order to strengthen ideological leadership, Wuhan made it clear that the theoretical preaching platform is in charge of the general platform and is in the core platform position. Continue to innovate activity carriers, make "big themes" into "small incisions" through "theory +" and other forms, and change "heavy flood irrigation" into "precise drip irrigation" to promote various civilized practical activities Connotation.

—— Pay attention to the supply and demand docking, and work hard on fine service. Wuhan insists on deepening the structural reform of the grass-roots cultural supply side, and determined the "three checklists", namely, the needs of the masses, social resources, and service items, and organically combined "what the masses want" and "what we have". "Effective, orderly, and targeted" resources of various departments and types of benefiting the people were put into villages and communities. At the same time, a civilized practice center network command platform is established, integrating "online and offline", opening up the "three checklists" online channel, and regulating the "ordering" of the masses, "delivering orders" at the stations, "dispatching orders" at the center, and "volunteer service teams" The process of "receiving orders" and the "assessment of orders" by the masses have effectively achieved "people respond to me".

——Innovate institutional mechanisms and work on the long-term normal effect. In order to do a “new article” on civilized practice in the new era, Wuhan is committed to innovating institutional mechanisms and promoting the coordinated optimization and efficiency of the functions of civilized practice institutions to achieve the integration of resources from “physical reactions” to “chemical reactions”. The specific implementation of the joint work pattern. Through the formulation of the "Administrative Measures for the Voluntary Service of Civilization Practice in the New Era of Wuhan", relevant regulations such as courtesy volunteers were introduced to promote the professionalization and standardization of volunteer services and stimulate the vitality of volunteer services. In addition, Wuhan has also established a civilization practice assessment and evaluation mechanism to supervise inspections and assessments to promote the implementation of civilization practices. (Source Guangming Daily Author: Wuhan Civilization research group, group members: Yan Hong, Xia Jing, Mei Wenqing, Xiayun Yun, Taowei Bing)

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