Ezhou: Continue to Deepen the Construction of Civilization

Posted time: 2019-12-18 09:39 source: Hubei civilization network

Cities are more civilized and life is better. In recent years, Ezhou City, Hubei Province has adhered to the people as the center, with “hardware foundation, software enhancement, citizen improvement” as its work focus and main direction, and vigorously implemented the “three enhancements” of ideological and moral qualities, integrity and law compliance, and civilization. Action, centering on the core concepts of “creating for the people, creating the people, creating benefits for the people, creating people for education”, continued to increase the work intensity and carried out a series of fruitful creation activities. At present, the atmosphere in the center of the city is increasingly strong, the city environment is clean and tidy, the market order is clearly standardized, the traffic order is constantly improving, the civilization is vigorously promoted, and the quality of the citizens is significantly improved.

Build "new" outside, repair "god"

A city is like a living body. The landscape is the "shape" of the city, and its functional connotation is the "god" of the city.

Units in Ezhou City insist on the improvement of “dirty and messy” and the construction of “clean and beautiful” as one of the important tasks for the creation of civilized cities, concentrate their efforts on comprehensive improvement of the community environment, and continuously improve the livable environment and quality of community residents.

Jiangcheng Community Cultural Wall Picture Source: Jiangcheng Community

Baizizheng Street in Ezhou City was once famous for its messy construction, random construction, random parking, narrow and congested roads, dilapidated living facilities, and residents living here wanted to relocate.

"Now it's okay. I changed the water, electricity, and roads, rebuilt the sewers, demolished the random construction, beautified the exterior walls, and built various recreational and fitness facilities. It was very comfortable to live here. Speaking of the changes in Baizizhengjie, Grandpa Wang who has lived here for more than 60 years is full of praise.

The improvement of Baizizheng Street in Ezhou City is one of the most intuitive changes brought about by the establishment of a national civilized city in Ezhou City. Since the "Creation of a City" activity was launched, Ezhou City has invested 800 million yuan to carry out the renovation and renovation of old communities in 40 communities in the central urban area (referred to as the "40 Project"). In just one year, the old and dirty neighborhoods have been transformed into beautiful homes with beautiful surroundings, cleanliness and harmony, and the sense of gain and happiness of ordinary people has improved significantly. As of September 5, 2019, Ezhou City has demolished illegally constructed 4,435, 139,000 square meters of illegal residential areas, opened 112 fire passages, standardized 947 “spider webs”, and upgraded 191 stores to 2,350 square meters. Meter.

Community volunteers maintain traffic Picture source: Jiangcheng Community

Rectify "dirty mess" and build "clean and beautiful". Ezhou City regards the urban and rural environment improvement as one of the important tasks for the establishment of a civilized city, and concentrates its efforts on comprehensive urban and rural environment improvement. Focusing on the creation of the eight major national civilized cities, Ezhou formulated the management standards for the appearance and appearance of the central urban area, carried out urban and rural environment improvement actions, and comprehensively strengthened the cleaning and cleaning of major and minor arterial roads, back streets, alleys, and residential areas; construction of cities and districts The three-level "road length" system of streets and streets; focused on carrying out special actions for urban traffic regulation, strengthening daily inspections of traffic operations, strengthening supervision and guidance of key road sections, improving the level of urban traffic control, and significantly improving the appearance and appearance of the city and traffic order .

Civilization first depends on people

Units in Ezhou City adhere to the fundamental point of value guidance, continue to raise a new civilization, guide people to consciously develop habits of civilized behavior, and dress up the city with the unification of civilization.

Residents actively participate in the remediation of "psoriasis" Photo source: Jiangcheng Community

The community of Jiangcheng, Ezhou City received a letter from residents, reflecting: In front of the shops along No. 316 Yanjiang Avenue, the road was severely damaged, there were many passing vehicles, long-term rolling, puddles on the pavement, and there were few parking spaces. Affects the appearance and appearance of the city, it is recommended that the community report to the relevant departments for processing as soon as possible. At the end of the letter, the citizen wrote such a heart-warming sentence: "At present, Ezhou is striving for the creation of a national civilized city. I request the competent authorities to pay attention and deal with it in a timely and proper manner. Thank you very much!"

After receiving the part, the Jiangcheng community carefully studied it and reported it in time. The "40 Project" headquarters attaches great importance to the research and command of the front line, and fully investigated and rectified. In just ten days, the road surface renovation was completed, parking spaces were marked, and vehicle parking was regulated.

This is just one of many letters. Since 2019, community residents have experienced changes around them, enjoyed the fruits of creative writing, and their enthusiasm for participating in creative writing has continued to rise. They use their methods to provide ideas, ideas, and ideas for creative writing. , Personally participate in the creation.

Renovated streets are clean and tidy. Image source: Jiangcheng Community

The creation of the text not only reflects the government's deeds, the cadres 'role, and the citizens' participation, but also strengthens the relationship between the party and the masses. Xu Hongyan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jiangcheng Community: "Now when I go to the old community in our area, the residents always greet me with smiles, and some of them actively invite me to stay at home as a guest, and open up to me to point out the shortcomings and give us My work came up with ideas and ways to keep my heart warm. " Through the creation of texts, cadres and the masses have talked with each other more often, the psychic distance between cadres and the masses has become closer, and the relationship between citizens has become more and more harmonious. The public's recognition and participation rate of creation has increased. The happiness that comes is quiet.

Since the establishment of a national civilized city in Ezhou City, the culture of "speaking civilization" has gradually returned to the hearts of citizens, which is reflected in everyone's actual actions. In the work of creating a national civilized city, all units in Ezhou, Hubei Province adhere to benefiting people as the starting point and end point of the creation work, solicit opinions from the people, work together, fully listen to the opinions and suggestions of all sectors of society, and actively respond to residents' new expectations for the creation work And various rationalization requirements, do a good job of the masses' concern, social concern, and charity in the snow, so that the residents of the majority of the jurisdiction "commend" the creative work, so that the majority of residents feel the happiness brought by creative writing. (Ezhou Civilization Network Comprehensive)

Editor-in-chief: Wang Jiong
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