Implementing the fundamental task of Lide Shuren Wuhan strives to promote the innovation of ideological and political lessons in primary and secondary schools

Posted time: 2019-12-19 10:07 source: Hubei civilization network

Education is an important cornerstone of national rejuvenation and social progress. It is the national plan and the party's plan. "Cultivating talents is the foundation of the country." The adolescent stage is the "jointing booting stage" of life, and it requires the most careful guidance and cultivation.

To run a course on ideological and political theory, the most fundamental thing is to solve the fundamental question of who to train, how to train, and for whom. Compared with other courses, the ideological and political course is a key course to implement the fundamental tasks of Lide Shuren, and plays an irreplaceable and important role.

Change with the times, advance with the times, and new with the times. To run ideological and political lessons well, we must promote reform and innovation. Entering the new era, Wuhan basic education circles summarize the regular understanding and successful experience formed in the construction of ideological and political courses for a long time, laying an important foundation for the integrity and innovation of ideological and political courses.

Wu Youcun, a ideological and political teacher at Jiefang Middle School, gives students a class. Photo Credit: Photographed by Yangtze River reporter Peng Nian

Create an excellent team of ideological and political teachers in elementary and middle schools

To promote the reform and innovation of the ideological and political course in the new era, we need to build a primary and secondary school with strong politics, deep feelings, new thinking, broad vision, strict self-discipline, positive personality, full-time professionalism, combination of professional and combination, sufficient number, good quality, and famous teachers Ideological and political teachers.

In recent years, Wuhan has effectively strengthened the management of the teaching staff of ideological and political classes in primary and secondary schools. At present, the city has nearly 1,000 full-time teachers of moral and life (social) courses in primary schools, including 35 graduate students and 505 undergraduates. There are more than 1,100 full-time teachers of ideological and moral (political) courses in ordinary junior high schools in the city, including 134 graduate students and 920 undergraduates. There are about 700 full-time teachers of ideological and moral (political) courses in ordinary high schools in the city, including 154 graduate students and 493 undergraduates.

In order to improve the quality of ideological and political teachers in primary and middle schools, Wuhan has set up school-level moral education key teachers and other projects, and has specifically designed special training for teachers of ideological and political courses. At the same time, it has organized special training courses for key teachers of ideological and political courses in the city. In other training programs for city-level education cadres and teacher training, we have set up a special course for the study and implementation of the school ’s ideological and political lesson teachers ’symposium, strengthened the political cultivation of the participating teachers, and strengthened the sense of responsibility and mission in conducting ideological and political lessons.

At the same time, Wuhan has continuously innovated the incentive mechanism for teachers' evaluation of ideological and political education in primary and secondary schools. Highlighting the orientation of classroom teaching quality and educating effectiveness, ideological and political teachers in the city's in-service primary and secondary schools enjoy performance-based salary incremental incentives, and in the work of teacher evaluation and evaluation, strengthen positive incentives for ideological and political teachers.

Wuhan has strengthened the training of key teachers of ideological and political courses. At present, there are 14 provincial-level teachers and 56 city leaders in the city's in-service primary and secondary school ideological and political teachers. A high-quality professional ideological and political teacher team has been initially established. A group of young and middle-aged teachers represented by Hua Linfei and Wu Youcun stand out and grow into nationally renowned experts. In the national high school ideological and political quality competition, many teachers have won the first prize in the country. In 2019 Wuhan's annual teacher selection, Wu Youcun, a teacher of ideological and political lessons in the city's Jiefang Middle School, was named the teacher of the year in the city and was named a national model teacher.

Promote the reform and innovation of ideological and political teaching mode

Watering flowers and roots, educating people. Ideological and political work is fundamentally a person's work, in fact, it is a process of resolving doubts and helping people to understand where they should work hard, who should be affectionate, how to care, and who they should be. To run ideological and political lessons well, we must follow the laws of ideological and political work, the laws of teaching and educating people, and the laws of student growth. If the old-fashioned and unconventional, lack of affinity and pertinence, can not meet the needs and expectations of students' growth and development, it will be difficult to achieve practical results.

In recent years, many primary and secondary schools in Wuhan have followed good methods, improved the old methods, explored new methods, and vigorously promoted the reform and innovation of ideological and political lessons. They continued to enhance the pertinence, sense of the times, and the attractiveness, and made the ideological and political lessons quiet for students. Enlightenment, wisdom, and spiritual power.

Xiao Kai, the daughter of the founding father and admiral Xiao Jinguang, gave the most ideological and political lessons and was warmly welcomed by the students. Picture source: Photographed by Miao Jian, reporter of Changjiang Daily

Innovating ways and methods can make the ideological and political lessons have affinity, attractiveness, and appeal, and students can enjoy and benefit from it. For example, some schools' ideological and political lessons insist on the unity of politicality and academic rationality, respond to students with thorough academic analysis, persuade students with thorough thought theory, guide students with the powerful power of truth, and let students truly learn true faith and be willing to learn love learn. For another example, some schools adhere to the unity of theoretical and practical ideological and political lessons, train people with scientific theories, attach importance to the practicality of ideological and political lessons, combine small ideological and political lessons with large social classes, and educate and guide students to establish a lofty ideal. As a struggler, let students deepen their grasp of scientific theory and use it to arm their minds. For example, in some schools, ideological and political lessons insist on the unity of indoctrination and heuristics, pay attention to heuristic education, guide students to find problems, analyze problems, think about problems, and inspire students to draw conclusions, and let scientific theories spring and rain, Nourish the soul and improve students' ability to master and apply scientific theories.

In addition, the city's primary and secondary schools use the advantages of more red resources to cultivate patriotism in ideological and political education and let the red gene be passed on from generation to generation. For example, the launch of the "Ideological and Political Lessons-Red Stories Entering the Campus" preaching activity will creatively preach from the museums and memorials to the campus, integrate the scattered red education resources into a systematic education network, and form a shared "resource map" .

Constructing a Long-term Mechanism for Reform and Innovation of Ideological and Political Courses

After the Central Teachers' Symposium on Ideological and Political Theory was held in March this year, Wuhan launched the "Same Political and Ideological Lesson" activity. Take the activity as a starting point, discover a group of outstanding teachers of ideological and political lessons, display a group of outstanding ideological and political lesson plans, and launch a group of ideological, theoretical, affinity, and targeted outstanding ideological and political lesson cases.

On the one hand, it guides the reform and innovation of ideological and political lessons through activities; on the other hand, it strives to build a long-term mechanism for reform and innovation of ideological and political lessons.

Create a brand for ideological and political work. Comprehensively deepen the "effective moral education" project in primary and secondary schools, and build and implement effective moral education goals, content, paths, evaluation, and promotion of the "five major systems", with behavioral norms, class construction, curriculum integration, practical exploration, all-out effort, and "Trinity" The "six major education programs" are breakthroughs and entry points, implement project-based management of work tasks, and promote the smooth implementation of effective moral education projects. "Effective moral education" won the second prize of national education achievements in basic education. Taking the "Classic Reading, Passing on Virtue, and Educating New People" classic reading contest as the starting point, we will further promote the traditional culture into the campus, create an effective platform for primary and secondary school students to practice the core values of socialism, and become an innovative carrier to show the civilization and style of primary and secondary school students in our city.

Strengthen the construction of ideological and political teaching materials. Political teachers in our city's middle schools actively participated in the compilation of the nationally compiled textbook "Ethics and the Rule of Law". Among them, Teacher Zhang Zutao of the Municipal Academy of Educational Sciences served as the editor of the eighth grade book. Tang Yinping, Lei Yi, Wang Zhongwen, and Wu Youcun were the main authors. Invited to make reports on textbook analysis and teaching suggestions for national key teachers at national level new textbook training sessions, and to make textbook training reports across the country.

Promote the reform of ideological and political classroom teaching. Through teaching and research innovation and deep integration with educational technology, the transformation of teaching methods has been achieved; through the guidance of famous teachers, combined teaching and research, and method display, the promotion and organic integration of various teaching modes have been achieved; through the establishment of a network of teaching and research cooperation bodies, the same curriculum differences It has realized the joint development of weak schools and famous schools. The "question group reflection" teaching model of high school politics (now upgraded to the "three-segment four-ring" deep learning model) has been promoted and used in more than 300 provinces and cities in more than 300 schools nationwide, expanding the influence of Wuhan's ideological and political lessons across the country. (Zhou Yongning of the Yangtze River Daily)

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