Lifetime diligence only for a "luxury" veteran Ma Xu devoted his life to party favor

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Ma Xu and his wife study together

Character sketch

Ma Xu, female, born in Mulan County, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province in 1933, joined the army at the age of 14. He has participated in the Liaoning-Shenzhen Campaign and the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, and was awarded the Commemorative Medal for Resistance to US Aid and Aid Korea, the Medal for the Defence of Peace, and the Third Order of Merit of the Korean Government.

After returning home, Ma Xu was sent to the First Military Medical University for further study, and later became a field military doctor. In 1961, after the formation of the Airborne Forces, Ma Xu abandoned the generous working benefits of the Metropolitan Army Hospital, as a medical doctor to provide paratrooper training for airborne soldiers, and became China's first generation of female airborne soldiers. In more than 20 years, it has skydived more than 140 times, creating three "China's Best"-the first female soldier who jumped, the female soldier who jumped the most, and the oldest female soldier who performed airborne.

In September 2018, Ma Xu and her husband, Yan Xueyong, donated 10 million yuan in salary, bonuses, and patent transfer fees to their hometown for education.

She has won the honorary titles of "Movement to China" in 2018, "National Model of Ethics", "Most Beautiful Struggle", and "National Advanced Retired Cadres".

Whenever and wherever, it is always a camouflage suit. With his head full of fascination and open-mindedness, the volatility and loyalty of a veteran is vividly reflected in Ma Xu's body. From a copper coin that she didn't want to spend a lifetime, to a huge donation of 10 million yuan, a cent of a cent, is the accumulation of her 70 years and emotions with her wife. 70 years of persisting in poverty, only for spiritual wealth.

On December 16, Ma Xu won the honorary title of "National Advanced Retired Cadre" and was cordially received by General Secretary Xi Jinping. On the eve of going to Beijing to participate in the commendation meeting, a reporter from Hubei Daily went to the Second Retired Cadre Retreat in Wuhan, a provincial military region, to interview her to find the original spiritual origin of her life.

"I just want to do scientific research.

On the afternoon of December 13, in a simple decoration in Huiji Road, Jiang'an District, Wuhan City, and the second military retired cadre retreat in the provincial military region, Ma Xu, 86, was sitting on the sofa, threading and preparing her. The speeches made at the National Advanced Retired Cadres Commendation Symposium held in Beijing on the Japanese date were made in "wire-bound".

"You are so old, can you still wear needle leads?" The reporter asked in surprise.

"I have good eyesight, no nearsightedness, no presbyopia, don't you think I'm already dressed?" She shook the steel needle white thread in her hand in front of the reporter. Although he has left his hometown for more than 70 years, Ma Xu still has a strong Northeast flavor in his voice.

On the old red lacquered wooden table in front of the sofa, there was a rusty square iron box, which Ma Xu had used as a sewing box for many years.

In the living room, more than 10 large and small cardboard boxes were stacked, and you can see that Ma Xu and Yan Xueyong just moved here shortly after.

"I only slept here for four nights." As for the day of the move, Ma Xu didn't remember so well. She used this method to tell reporters when she moved from Huangpi Village to her new home.

"The couple moved on November 12." Lu Hejun, the director of the Gansu Institute, quietly told reporters that although the conditions of the new house are good in all aspects, but because his homeland is difficult to leave, Ma Xu has to find some reasons every three points. Huang Yan look.

"Of course the living conditions here are good, high-rise buildings, upstairs and downstairs are all elevators, eating is downstairs in the dining hall, the hospital is approaching them, this life is something we never dreamed of." Ma Xu said, "But I ca n’t do scientific research here. I ca n’t do scientific research. It ’s like falling into a well. It ’s like starving. ”

"You have been doing scientific research for a lifetime, working for the party and the country, and donating all the money you have saved to the country. Now it is time for you to enjoy your old age." The reporter said.

"They (referring to the cadres of the cadres) were afraid that I was getting old and had an accident. They took me here to live, and I knew it was good for me. But look at me. Although I weighed only 64.5 kilograms, but I do n’t have a triple height and no heart. I am sick and sleep well. I just want to do scientific research. I ca n’t just eat national food and sit and die. ”Ma Xu replied.

Provincial Military Region Officers and Soldiers Visited and Condolences to Ma Xu

Fifty or six cars old home, only the most books

Ma Xu said that she is working on a subject called "ion reverse transformation normality". If the research is successful, it can shorten the age of people.

"If the water always flows in one direction, mud, sand and dregs in the water will continue to settle and accumulate in one place, causing blockage. The same is true of our blood vessels. If the blood always flows in one direction, some of the substances in the blood will Will attach to some parts of the blood vessel wall and cause chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases. If I can change their flow, I can avoid these diseases. Do you think this is the case? " Subject, Ma Xu made an analogy.

The new residence of the Ma Xus, except for a cabinet-type air conditioner, has no new furniture.

In the living room, there was nothing but a sofa. The wooden beds and cabinets in the bedroom are all old objects brought from Huangpi. The thick imprints of the years are in sharp contrast with the concise and modern decoration style of the new bedroom.

"The old man blessed himself and brought almost everything he could bring. On the day of the move, we drove five or six cars and transported them all together. The most important thing was the book." Lu Hejun said.

"This sofa was not taken away by old comrades-in-arms. It was a pity to throw it away." Ma Xu patted the sofa under him and said. This is Ma Xu's most elegant furniture.

There is a storage room of about 10 square meters on the right side of the living room door. Ma Xu used it as his study. Several old red lacquered wooden cabinets were filled with books, and several large canvases were stacked on the ground. Bags are all books and materials that haven't been sorted out yet. "The bookcase was used by the army to store documents in the 1960s. Most of the metal file cabinets were burned as firewood when we replaced the metal file cabinets. We left a few and have been using them until now," said his wife Yan Xueyong.

After suffering childhood, 14-year-old resolutely joined the army

"Many people are very strange, saying that I am thin and small, why do n’t I love red makeup and armed?" Ma Xu explained to reporters, "because I admired and worshipped heroes especially when I was a kid. Hua Mulan women dressed as men to serve as fathers. , Mother-in-law tattooed and loyal to the country ... "Ma Xu breathed out a number of allusions from ancient heroes, and when she was happy, she sat upright, moved her left hand, and spoke of the Northeast Drum Book:" White Horse Silver Gun Qiao Luocheng ... "

Singing for a few short moments, the elated look on her face suddenly dimmed. The suffering of her childhood and the experience of joining the army aroused her deep nostalgia for her mother.

When Ma Xu was very young, his father died. "I have no impression on my father." She remembers the Northeast Drum Book, which she spoke well to her mother.

"My mother feeds my brother and my brother by talking about the Drum Book. At that time, there were often people who came to the house with" Water Margin, "" Journey to the West, "" The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, "etc., and asked their mother to read a book. After listening to the Drum Book, many books were left." Since childhood, Ma Xu has learned a lot of sings, and he has full respect for those heroes in his mother's mouth.

When Ma Xu was 4 years old, the Lugouqiao Incident broke out, Japanese imperialism launched a war of aggression against China, and the northeast under the Japanese iron hooves soon fell.

"When I was a kid, I didn't know that I was Chinese. I only knew it was called Manchuria, and I went to a Japanese school. The teachers were all Japanese and I studied Japanese. I spoke Japanese at school and called home to my father. The mother also had to shout in Japanese. If someone knew that they did n’t call their loved ones in Japanese, it would be blown away by the teacher. ”Ma Xu recalled,“ At that time, I was small and did n’t know what a country slave was. I only knew that the folks planted it by themselves. There is no rice to eat. All the rice is left for the Japanese to eat. The Japanese ca n’t finish eating, so they pull it back to their hometown. They do n’t wear cotton, and they ask the Japanese to take it away. "Cloths" (cloths spun from rags and rags) are colorful. Pigs raised by themselves are also pulled by the Japanese. "

Starving was the deepest memory of Ma Xu's childhood. The Northeast was restored in 1945 and liberated in 1946. In 1947, 14-year-old Ma Xu ushered in one of the most important twists in her life—the Communist Party of China recruited troops in the Northeast to supplement the reserve for liberation of China.

After much consideration, his mother agreed to Ma Xu's request to be a soldier. "Mom told me that I can't support you, you run away." Ma Xu said.

The night before she left, her mother sew some worn out clothes for Ma Xu under the oil lamp, and wiped her tears while repairing, and Ma Xu also hid under the quilt and wept. The next day, the mother boiled two eggs and sewed a copper coin into Ma Xu's pocket.

This is also the last farewell between Ma Xu and his mother.

"More than a year after I left, I heard people say that my mother died, and my younger brother was also arranged to be a soldier. The books left by the listeners were also taken up by cigarettes and smoked." Xu Xu said .

Repay the kindness of the party in a lifetime

At that time, a copper coin could buy two hard candy balls, but this copper coin Ma Xu was reluctant to spend it and kept it for eight or nine years until she first received a monthly salary of 20 yuan, which was deposited with this copper coin. bank.

Because of his small body, Ma Xu was first assigned to a military and political university to learn about medical care and care for the wounded.

In the three-year liberation war, the Chinese People's Liberation Army was devastated and quickly overthrew the reactionary rule of the Kuomintang. After the liberation of the whole country, Ma Xu was arranged to enter military medical university for further studies and grow into an outstanding surgeon.

In 1961, Ma Xu heard that the newly formed airborne troops were in short supply of medical staff and took the initiative to abandon their work at the General Hospital of Wuhan Military Region. They chose to go to Huanghuang in a remote mountainous area and parachute for soldiers to provide medical protection. The stay was decades.

The hardships of childhood made Ma Xu realize that "nothing can be without the motherland, nothing can be without the Communist Party."

In 1968, under the introduction of Huang Ruiji, the head of the health battalion of the army, Ma Xuguang joined the Communist Party of China.

"I want to join the party after graduating from military and political university." Ma Xu said, "Everything I give is from the Communist Party. In my life, I want to follow the party and repay the party's kindness."

In 1969, Ma Xu and his comrade in the same department Yan Xueyong entered the marriage hall. "I'm thin and small. I didn't want to get married. Our commissar said, 'Our troops don't support big girls,' so I got married." Ma Xu said with a smile.

Before getting married, Ma Xu discussed with Yan Xueyong, because in work and scientific research, she often experienced skydiving. In addition, she was relatively thin and she didn't plan to have children in her life. After careful consideration, Yan Xueyong agreed.

"The two of us have many complementary places in work and life. For example, in scientific research, he can draw pictures, I won't. He will fully support most of my ideas, so whether it is in donations In this matter, and other aspects, his contribution is actually greater than mine. For example, we are like singing a double reed. I am only the person performing in front of him, he is the real behind-the-scenes hero. " With Yan Xueyong said.

Hearing his compliment, Yan Xueyong's face showed an embarrassed smile.

Moving into a new home, the old couple have a much easier life. Every morning I buy a few extra buns in the canteen of the dry rest room and bring them home. I can't finish my breakfast and I will be hot for lunch at noon. The small wooden stand in the living room was full of newspapers and magazines such as the People's Daily, the People's Liberation Army Daily, the Elderly Daily, and Global People. Reading books and newspapers has become the biggest pastime for the old couple.

The Ma Xu couple also revealed that after the last donation, they are slowly saving money and preparing for the next donation, which is still targeted at education.

"It's impossible to have so many more, how much can you do!" Ma Xu said. (Zhu Yong, correspondent of Hubei Daily, full media reporter)

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