"Jingchu Model" Xu Qiuhong 18 Years Youth Dedication Nursing Care

Posted time: 2019-12-20 09:25 source: Hubei civilization network

Xu Qiuhong is feeding the elderly

A white overall, a white swallowtail hat, and a white face always with a smile, walking briskly and speaking softly, Xu Qiuhong, the head nurse of Dongfeng Traditional Chinese Elderly Nursing Home, Shiyan City Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, took care of every person in the elderly nursing home. The elderly, loved by the old people.

Xu Qiuhong, 38, has been engaged in nursing for 18 years. He has won honors such as "Shiyan City Technical Expert", "Shiyan City Construction Pioneer", "National Outstanding Nursing Caregiver Role Model". Not long ago, she was named a model of Jingchu in November.

18 years of nursing from no regrets

In 2001, in his early twenties, Xu Qiuhong graduated from health school and joined the work. Unwilling to be mediocre, she took her undergraduate course and became a nurse in the obstetrics and gynecology department of Dongfeng Branch of Shiyan Chinese Medicine Hospital. In 2015, the Chinese Medicine Elderly Nursing Home of the hospital was established. Xu Qiuhong took the initiative to ask for the responsibility of the front-line nurses in the nursing home and led the young nursing team from scratch.

Good services are spread by word of mouth, and the elderly care homes have attracted more "special" elderly people with the "medical integration of care and support" model. Most of them are old, and most of them suffer from various dysfunction, dementia and other diseases and need 24 hours of care. Feeding them, massaging, turning over, tickling, scrubbing became a daily required course for Xu Qiuhong and her team. In the black and white upside down time, she and her colleagues guarded this special group with love and patience. Old man.

After Xu Qiuhong became the head nurse, she set an example and asked the team to do it. She did it first and did her best. Most of the nursing teams she led were post-80s and post-90s people. At first people were a little skeptical: Let such a group of girls take care of these special elderly people. Do they have this patience? Can it persist for a long time?

It turns out that Xu Qiuhong and her team not only persisted, but also tried their best to win the unanimous praise of the elderly and their families.

In addition to the routine living and illness care of the elderly in the hospital, Xu Qiuhong organizes at least a group of volunteer service activities and at least one outdoor recreational activity every month. She said that everyone will grow old. What we do in nursing is to infect the elderly with youthful vitality, take care of the elderly with childlike affection, serve the elderly with professional knowledge, and make the elderly happy. Live well in old age.

"She devoted herself to the old people and dedicated too much to the old people." Her colleague Wang Jing told reporters that Xu Qiuhong often worked overtime and never worked on time. Xu Qiuhong's professionalism admired her very much. Originally, Xu Qiuhong ’s child was only over one year old. When it was time for her mother to take care of it, Xu Qiuhong was off work at 7 or 8 pm every night. When there was something to do at work, she was always on call, and sometimes used weekends to cook soup by herself. For old people to drink.

90s old man recognizes daughter

"She treats me well! I often feed me water and feed me, and I warm up, not my daughter, but more like my daughter!" On the morning of December 17, I heard that a reporter came to interview. The 90-year-old Li Jinggui elderly special Coming from the ward, he took the reporter to talk about his "daughter."

Elder Li Jinggui joined the People's Liberation Army in 1947 and was once the head nurse and surgeon of military hospitals. Four years ago, he and his wife were admitted to the Dongfeng Traditional Chinese Medicine Elderly Care Home in Shiyan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. Xu Qiuhong has been enthusiastic about serving them.

The old man had Parkinson's disease, his hands were shaking so badly that he could n’t handle the bowl and hold chopsticks. Xu Qiuhong always took the trouble to feed and feed the old man with care and care. The old man was deeply moved and recognized this "daughter ". "I don't want to go anywhere now, I just want to stay here all the time. I have a daughter to take care of me, and it's better than anywhere!"

Xu Qiuhong not only takes good care of the elderly, but is also good at doing psychological work for the elderly. The 81-year-old Pan Chunxiang, who is suffering from brain tumors and damaged brain nerves, thinks differently than ordinary people. He always thinks about taking medicine. But she listened to Xu Qiuhong alone. Her medicine was specially managed by Xu Qiuhong, and she was regularly and regularly given medicines every day. The old man was very obedient in front of Xu Qiuhong.

"I live here more comfortably than at home. Every month my children pick me up for dinner, and once I finish eating, I quarrel to come back. I can't see the head nurse all day." Pan Chunxiang said, Xu Qiuhong is noble and moral She has patience and takes care of the elderly. She has something to tell her. She always smiles and listens to it. It can be resolved immediately. If it can't be resolved, she always smiles and explains clearly. She is warmer than her children.

In fact, stories told by the elderly Li Jinggui and Pan Chunxiang abound throughout Xu Qiuhong's 18-year nursing career. Xu Qiuhong said that taking care of the elderly is no small matter. Nursing this kind of elderly requires not only professional skills, but also spiritual concern from the heart. To help the elderly restore their self-care ability and build confidence, it is necessary to provide them with intimate services like their loved ones, so that the old can feel love and feel the warmth of their loved ones.

Talk and teach with the team

"Nursing with warmth and warmth, with deep affection, remembering the heart" "meticulous care, better than loved ones" ... On the wall of the corridor outside the hospital's medical office, there is a pennant that many patients give to Xu Qiuhong and his nursing team; and in the drawer of Xu Qiuhong There are also many thank-you letters written by patients and their families. "These are the fruits of everyone's joint efforts, not my credit." Xu Qiuhong said.

A thriving flower is not spring. Serving the elderly well requires a continuous relay of the team. Even with Xu Qiuhong, there are currently 24 medical and nursing teams in elderly care homes, including 4 doctors, 8 nurses, and 12 nursing staff.

Chen Jian, the director of the geriatric nursing home, introduced that Xu Qiuhong is caring, dedicated, and good at the ideological work of the elderly. The elderly trust her very much and are willing to deal with her. She is also very good at bringing teams. Everyone is willing to cooperate with her. In a recent democratic evaluation, only Xu Qiuhong won the full score.

As the head nurse, Xu Qiuhong attaches great importance to the cultivation of professional ethics and professional skills of young colleagues, and organizes theme learning activities every week. Based on Xu Qiuhong's words and deeds, each nurse has mastered the nursing skills of emergency and emergency and intensive care patients, as well as various operation techniques such as tracheostomy, gastric tube, urinary tube, central venipuncture, etc. Her skilled skills and kind attitude, It has also been recognized by many elderly people and their families. The hospital has awarded her many honors such as "Excellent Nurse" and "Excellent Nursing Manager".

On September 27, 2018, the "Guarding the Sunset-A Career Glory Ceremony for the Elderly Nursing Care" organized by the Central Radio and Television Station was held in Beijing. After selection, the country has only won 12 "National Outstanding Nursing Caregiver Role Models". Honor, Xu Qiuhong is one of them.

"Next, I will continue to work with my team towards the new goal of creating a star-level elderly care and geriatrics specialty!" Xu Qiuhong was full of confidence when talking about the development direction of the team. (Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter Guan Qianyu correspondent Zheng Deyuan's kingship)

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