Being Public and Forgetting Selfishness-"Jingchu Model" Featured in December 2019

Posted time: 2019-12-25 08:48 source: Hubei civilization network

Various departments across the province recommended at various levels, and the Provincial Party Committee's Propaganda Department organized a review. The list of "Jingchu Models" was announced in December, and the Hubei Daily published it today (December 25).

Wan Guifang's life photos

Wan Guifang

The masses were members of the Party branch of Pailou Village, Shawo Township, Ezhou City, and director of the Village Women's Federation.

When the mountain fire was raging and the safety of the lives and property of the masses was threatened, 46-year-old Wan Guifang resolutely rushed into the sea of fire to save and gave away his precious life.

At about 9 o'clock on September 23 this year, an outbreak of fire broke out on the mountain side of the lotus pond in the 11th group of Pailou Village, Shawo Town, Ezhou City. Wan Guifang immediately led the masses to the fire. After more than an hour, the fire in Beishan was brought under control. "You can go back and rest. I can do it here." Feng Jiasheng, a villager, found that Wan Guifang's soles had been burned through and socks had burned holes, and she told her. Wan Guifang twirled the grass into a rope, tied her shoes to her feet, and said, "It's okay, you have to put out the fire completely, or you can't rest assured." Feng Jiasheng was touched, and he took out his mobile phone to shoot the scene. Unexpectedly, this became the last image left by Wan Guifang during his lifetime.

"After the Nine Groups, the mountain fire became big and needed support!" At 11 o'clock, news came from the other fire. "Let me go. You stay and put out the fire completely." Wan Guifang said quickly and left. After returning farmland to forest for many years, the vegetation behind the Jiu Group is lush, the fire spreads rapidly, and it is getting closer to the village. "Quickly withdraw! Everyone quickly clean up the flammable materials in front of and behind the house." Wan Guifang shouted desperately.

Everyone hurried to the middle of the mountain. The old party member He Yuanhong suddenly found that Wan Guifang was gone. He pulled his leg and turned back to the fire field, but the fire was too big to enter again. After the firefighters rushed to put out the fire, He Yuanhong led someone back to find him. Hearing that Wan Guifang was missing, the folks searched everywhere. At the point of fire closest to the village, a scorched cell phone made Feng Jiasheng's heart tremble. After approaching with anxiety, he saw the scene in front of him, sadly speechless, and saw Wan Guifang lying on his back, unrecognizable, holding his right arm up, still making a fire, and his fingers were burned with a fire mop Break ...

Revisiting the place where Wan Guifang sacrificed, Kan Gao has a steep slope, and thatched grasses more than one meter high are intertwined with thorns and shrubs. There is almost no way to go except for the places that have been burned.

The fire is ruthless and the people's lives are heavy.

Party members have responsibilities, and public servants have deep hearts.

Horizontal batch: heroes

Written by Xia Aiju

Zhao Hong

Zhao Hong

Party Member, Checheng Lake Squadron, Xiangyang City Fire Rescue Division

Over the past 23 years, Zhao Hong has participated in rescue and disaster relief more than 6,000 times. He has successively won many honorary titles such as "exercise for training on duty", "national top 10 technical experts in the post", and has won two second-class and 14 third-class achievements.

In 1996, 19-year-old Zhao Hong was drafted into the army and became a fire fighter in the Xiangxi Fanxi Fire Squadron. In order to develop his superb professional skills, he quietly gets up at 4 am every day, puts on a sand vest, ties up a sand bag, and runs a 5km weight endurance run. After the run, 300 pull-ups, 300 push-ups, 300 sit-ups, and 300 barbell squat training were also conducted. There was no slack in the day.

From 1998 to the present, Zhao Hong has won the first place of the hook ladder project of the detachment's post training competition every year. The result of his "13.26 climbing four floors" has not been broken so far, becoming the only 7 in the province. One of the fire "Bing Kings".

In 1998, only 21 years old, Zhao Hong experienced the first "moment of life and death" in his life. At that time, a major fire broke out in the tobacco warehouse in Cihe Town, Gucheng County. The warehouse was built in a cave, and several tons of tobacco leaves caught fire. The smoke billowed, and the visibility was almost zero. Zhao Hong took the initiative to ask, as the first water gunner, he led the assault team into the cave. Although wearing thermal insulation clothing, the temperature in the cave has risen to the highest temperature that the thermal insulation clothing can withstand, toxic smoke and blazes forced him out again and again, he rushed in again and again. After more than ten hours of hard work, the fire was extinguished, but Zhao Hong was stunned with poisoning, and was rescued in the ICU for three days and three nights before waking up.

In 1999, a major fire broke out in the family building of Xiangyang Hardware Company, and more than 150 people were trapped in the building. The fire passage above the second floor was blocked by the fire, and more than 150 lives were facing serious threats! Based on his strong skills, Zhao Hong climbed up the security window step by step with a hook ladder. The hot iron bar burned his palms out of blood bubbles. The intense radiant heat roasted and deformed his helmet mask. The sweat blurred his eyes. Zhao Hongqiang endured the pain, climbed to the top of the building, and rescued more than 20 people from the sea by carrying his shoulders on his back.

Don't confuse youth, dare to be a lifeline;

Promising child, the beginning of the heart will always follow the police emblem.

Horizontal batch: Sheng Shibing King

Written by Wan Ye of Hubei Province Couplets Association

Meng Tianfu

Meng Tianfu

Party member of the eighth bureau of the CPC

Meng Tianfu is the head of security management for the Wuhan Military Games main stadium and main media center project.

The main media center of the military games is a new single building for the event. In order to maximize the comprehensive utilization of the venue, the main media center requires "multiple use of one hall". Therefore, there is no structure column on the two-story studio with an area of more than 6000 square meters. All the space should be constructed with the technology of large bridges, and each small area must be accurately calculated and processed. Meng Tianfu and his partners built in accordance with the "hundred years of engineering" standard. The accuracy of the entire project must be controlled within 3 millimeters like rice grains.

At the beginning of 2019, due to work needs, the leader handed over the task of safety management of the main venue construction project of the Military Games to Meng Tianfu. He said nothing and immediately invested in the construction of the main venue. During the construction of the main venue of the Military Games, there were more than 200 people working on average every day, and more than 600 people during peak hours. The construction of the main stadium has extremely high quality requirements, the construction period is very urgent, and it faces many uncertainties. The refined decoration plan was adjusted only five times. The glass curtain wall behind the four beams and eight pillars at the entrance of the main stadium looks like a box after construction and looks awkward. This is the only way for dignitaries of all countries to enter the venue. After discovering it, Meng Tianfu and colleagues reported to the relevant parties in time and proposed adjustment plans. After expert demonstration, the glass curtain wall was finally raised, and the connecting purlins also changed from dark gray to red, organically integrated into the Jingchu cultural elements. The glass curtain wall, the four beams and eight pillars, and the entrance hall formed a harmonious whole, visually more Full and more impactful.

The repair yard is a pioneer, and the iron shoulders are in danger;

Behind the scenes, Bao Junyun was a peacekeeper.

Horizontal batch: Craftsman Danxin

Written by Ke Dan, Hubei Province Couplets Association

Jiang Zhenggui

Jiang Zhenggui

Member of the Communist Party of China General Manager of Suizhou Westward Journey Drifting Co., Ltd.

In 2011, Jiang Zhenggui served as general manager of Suizhou Westward Journey Drifting Co., Ltd. Longquan Village, where the scenic spot is located, is a key poverty-stricken village with a high file density. The mountains here are densely forested, the terrain is difficult, and the transportation is inconvenient. The main income of the villagers is to burn charcoal, sell wood and sell mountain products.

Jiang Zhenggui has always promoted the management and development of the enterprise and the masses' precise poverty alleviation scheme. After he was appointed as the honorary village director of Longquan Village, the company preferentially recruits the poor when recruiting workers. He recruits nearly 40 seasonal workers each year to ensure that there is one person per household and an average salary of more than 2,000 yuan / month. Local villagers and poor households are preferentially hired for drifting construction laborers. The scenic area has invested 180 million yuan for project construction. Only labor costs have cost more than 20 million yuan, so that villagers and poor households can earn employment without leaving the village. The scenic area recruits more than 300 villagers from Longquan Village seasonally every year, and pays them a total of nearly 4 million yuan in drifting seasons. At the same time, it encourages family members of employees to engage in farming, open shops, and make snacks, which has effectively driven local villagers out of poverty and become rich.

With the development of the scenic area, the number of tourists has increased from over 20,000 per year in the initial period to 300,000 in 2018, creating an annual benefit of more than 30 million yuan. The rapid development of the scenic area brings nearly 20 million yuan in income to nearby villages each year. Among them, Longquan Village's characteristic tourism income exceeds 12 million yuan each year. It also attracts migrant villagers to actively return to their hometown to start a business. Villagers rely on drifting scenic spots to achieve employment and entrepreneurship at their doorstep. The village has opened more than 40 "farmhouses", 80 drifting tourist supplies stores, more than 300 bed and breakfast beds, more than 100 barbecue or food stalls. During the drifting season, there is a "farmhouse" table that is hard to find and hard to find. Hot scene.

Former soldier, Pin Zhengyi high gold shooter;

At present, public servants are good workers and model workers.

Horizontal batch: the most beautiful soldier

Written by Xiong Zhengchun

Hu Wengang (left) and Liu Feng (right)

Hu Wengang and Liu Feng

The masses Hu Wengang is a villager in Shuimoxi Village, Huangliang Town, Xingshan County; Liu Feng is a resident of Longzhu Community, Gufu Town, Xingshan County

At 11 o'clock in the morning on July 20 this year, Xingshan County, Yichang City was scorching hot. On Hunan Road, a driverless silver car suddenly lost control and rushed towards the sidewalk. The owner ’s wife and two children in the back seat screamed in horror ... a taxi driver waiting for the red light Hu Wengang, hearing the exclamation, turned his head and saw that a car opened the left rear door and slid past the downhill road, and the speed was getting faster and faster. At the critical moment, Hu Wengang couldn't keep up with his left leg that had been injured many years ago, immediately pushed the door of the car, and ran to the out of control vehicle. He even chased barefoot after running away. At that time, the road temperature was as high as fifty to sixty degrees Celsius, but Hu Wengang, who was chasing the car, could not feel the soles of the ground burning.

At the same time, Liu Feng, a van driver who was also waiting for the red light, hurriedly increased the throttle and went straight to the red light, trying to use his car to stop the out of control vehicle. Fortunately, before the two cars collided, Hu Wengang caught up with the runaway car. He closed the left rear door vigorously, opened the cab door with the risk of being caught in the bottom of the car, and stopped the runaway car. At this point, the runaway car had crossed three lanes from the rightmost lane, and reached the far left of the opposite lane, only two or three meters away from the sidewalk.

It turned out that at 11 am on the same day, the owner, Mr. Yang, took his family to Hunan Road, temporarily parked the car on the side of the road, and got off the car to do business. Unexpectedly, not long after he left, the car suddenly taxied out of control. Because the incident site is a downhill section, the slope is hundreds of meters long and the slope reaches 20-30 degrees. Xingshan County Experimental Primary School, Experimental Middle School, Maternal and Child Health Hospital and many restaurants are distributed on both sides of the road. If you don't stop in time, the consequences will be disastrous.

It took only 25 seconds for Hu Wengang to get out of the car to stop and control the car. Afterwards, the reporter asked, "Have you ever thought that chasing a car is dangerous?" Hu Wengang blurted out: "No, I didn't even think about it, I chased out, I just wanted to stop the car!"

In a critical moment, chase the car barefoot to avoid danger;

At ordinary times, Iron Shoulder is responsible for his hometown.

Horizontal batch: Seeing justice for

Written by Chen Zuosong

Lei Yuankun

Lei Yuankun

CCP Member Shizikou Town Comprehensive Cultural Station, Gong'an County

On July 23 this year, the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference held a special consultation meeting on "Strengthening the Construction of Basic Public Cultural Services in Rural Areas" in Beijing. Lei Yuankun, Director of the Comprehensive Cultural Station in Shizikou Town, Gong'an County, is one of the only three grassroots representatives in Hubei Province. The only grassroots representative made an exchange speech entitled "Let the rural cultural station become a position for enriching the spiritual life of ordinary people" at the meeting.

In 1981, 26-year-old Lei Yuankun volunteered to work with a rural film team and a town cultural station. At that time, there were only "four ones" at the cultural station, that is, "a brand, a table, a seal, and a person." Lei Yuankun was a "bare pole commander", with no venue, no funds, no teacher, and no team.

For the construction of the cultural station, Lei Yuankun walked around. During the comprehensive reform of townships in 2006, the Shizikou Comprehensive Cultural Station was the only township cultural station in the county that did not sell assets. The position of cultural work was preserved, but the house was in bad condition, facilities and equipment were rudimentary, and activities were severely deficient, which made the cultural station lose its proper function. In 2007, Lei Yuankun applied to his superiors and won 200,000 yuan from the provincial government's cultural station construction fund. He carefully planned and carefully designed, and completed a comprehensive maintenance and reconstruction of the original cultural station in one year. More than 440 square meters of comprehensive cultural stations, more than 600 square meters of event venues, and more than 400 square meters of terrazzo dance ground have become a good place for mass cultural activities.

In 2010, Lei Yuankun actively sought the government's strong support and invested 150,000 yuan to transform the original movie theater into a town cultural activity center, integrated with the cultural station, covering an area of over 2770 square meters and a construction area of over 1,200 square meters. Meter. Library, electronic reading room, multi-functional activity room, table tennis room are all available, and all facilities are free of charge. There are 21 villages in the town. Rural village study houses have been established in villages. 80% of the villages have built cultural and sports squares equipped with cultural and sports equipment. 14 villages have established village-level cultural activity centers in the county.

Today, whenever night falls, the outdoor dance field of Shizikou Cultural Center is always lively. More than 200 people come to dance and fitness every night, which has become a beautiful scenery for the rural cultural construction of the town.

Knowledge is also a must, and it is a career that can keep the original heart;

Perseverance, but a new game is an article.

Horizontal batch: Culture rejuvenates

Written by Lin Nan, Hubei Province Couplets Association

Jiang Nengshan

Jiang Nengshan

Villager, Xiongjiazui Village, Qiliping Town, Hong'an County

He is an 81-year-old puppet old man, from Qingqing Usi to white hair, 43 years as a day, volunteer to guard the tomb group for 73 martyrs. He devoted all the money donated by caring people to improve family life to the repair and maintenance of the tombs, stopped the destruction of the cemetery several times, and used the selfless dedication of an old party member to guard the revolutionary spirit that will never fade.

Qiliping Town, Hong'an County is the famous source of the jute uprising and the center of the Hubei, Henan and Anhui Revolutionary Bases. In the spring of 1930, the revolutionary struggle between Hubei and Anhui was in full swing, and the majority of Red Army soldiers fought in blood. At that time, the Red Fourth Front Military Hospital in Jiangjiagang had to accept a large number of wounded every day. Many of the wounded were sacrificed because of their injuries, and they were then concentrated and buried here. Due to long-term neglect, the tombs of the 73 Red Army martyrs were damaged. The broken tomb of the martyr became a deep pain in Jiang Nengshan's heart. He stepped forward and became the gravekeeper of 73 unknown martyrs. Every year in the 30th year of the New Year, the 15th day of the first month, Qingming and Frost, Jiang Nengshan takes the offering to worship. No matter whether it is windy or rainy, or hot or cold in winter, as long as he is free, he has to trim the branches and clean up.

Jiang Nengshan has lived in three flat-tiled houses so far, his wife Wang Baorong has suffered a stroke for many years, and his son has been working abroad for many years. After Jiang Nengshan's touching deeds were reported by the media, caring people from all walks of life made donations to him. Jiang Nengshan used all the money to repair and maintain the cemetery.

Over the years, Jiang Nengshan has repeatedly appealed to protect the martyrs' tombs. In October 2012, the government of Hong'an County built a cemetery for 73 martyrs of the Red Army, and set up tombstones. With the development of red tourism, it became a red education base. Today, Jiang Nengshan still has the obligation to stick to the cemetery, tell the martyrs' stories for the coming sacrifice crowds and tourist groups, and carry forward the revolutionary spirit.

Why fear hardships, and remember the heroic spirit;

More lonely, Twilight Dynasty protects the national soul.

Horizontal batch: Heroic Guard

Written by Zou Li

Wang Yonghong

Wang Yonghong

Member of the Communist Party of China, China Construction Third Bureau, Second Company, Huazhong Company, Assistant to the General Manager and Wuhan Greenland Optics Valley Center City Project Manager

Wang Yonghong is the project manager of Wuhan Greenland Optics Valley Center City, the second company of the China Construction Third Bureau, and the captain of the “China Construction · Blue Sky” city rescue team, the first urban rescue team in the construction industry in Hubei Province.

In July 2010, Wang Yonghong served as the project manager of Wuhan Dongsha Lake connecting channel project. The 3.5-km construction channel has no trees to cover the ground and no foot rest. The construction period is tight and the task is heavy. Wang Yonghong led the team, organized construction under the scorching sun during the day, and kept an eye on the scene overnight. After 412 days and nights of fighting, the Dongsha Lake connecting canal opened to traffic as scheduled, but he lost more than 20 kilos.

Get involved in city rescue and spread love around the world. In 2014, Wang Yonghong joined the well-known domestic non-profit organization-Blue Sky Rescue Team.

On the evening of June 1, 2015, the "Eastern Star" passenger ship sank in the Jianli section of the Yangtze River and Hubei. The next day, Wang Yonghong quickly rushed to Jianli to participate in search and rescue. In 72 hours, he traveled back and forth for more than 400 kilometers, transported more than 30 batches of materials, and searched the remains of five victims.

In July 2016, a heavy rainstorm struck Jingchu. Wang Yonghong kept running and went to Wuhan and Jingmen to participate in flood rescue. In Jingjia Qujialing, many roads were flooded and vehicles were impassable. At noon one day, after struggling to put an 80-year-old grandmother on a rubber boat, he fell into the water due to lack of energy and was rescued by a colleague. During this time, he averaged more than 16 hours of rescue in waist-deep water every day.

On May 26, 2017, the first urban rescue team in the construction industry in Hubei Province— "China Construction · Blue Sky Envoy" urban rescue team was officially established. Wang Yonghong served as the captain. In just two years, the urban rescue team has developed more than 160 members name.

Building a building and feelings, can be called a master;

Volunteer to pay for the platform, and never miss the original intention.

Horizontal batch: Responsible for the times

Written by Wang Juan

(Wang Tiantian, correspondent of Zhang Quan, correspondent of Hubei Daily, photo: courtesy of Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department)

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