Mei Ru'e Family in Huangshi City

Posted time: 2019-07-16 09:17 source: Hubei civilization network

There is a family in the Heping Street community in Huangshi City, and everyone I know is envious because this is a happy and happy family of six. Mei Ru'e, 66 years old, resident group leader, his wife Wu Baoguo, 68 years old, the ferry company retired. His son Wu Youjun and daughter-in-law Wang Ting both work at Hubei Pentium Technology Co., Ltd. The couple gave birth to a pair of dragons and phoenixes in March 2003. Although their family did not have any violent deeds, they obeyed the laws and regulations, were proactive, helpful, and harmonious, and were praised by their neighbors.

In this family, husband and wife respect and love each other. Because Wu Baoguo was busy working before retiring, he had no time to take care of his family. In order to prevent him from being distracted by family affairs, Mei Ru'e took the initiative to take care of the elderly, children, do housework, pick up grandchildren, and so on. In this family, although their respective personalities, cultures, and interests are different, there are few conflicts in the family. Everyone can be forgiving, tolerant, and tolerant, forming a family atmosphere of mutual understanding, respect, equality, and care.

As the saying goes: Parents are the first teachers in their children's growth. "Parents are a mirror of children, and children are a shadow of parents." Mei Ru'e respects her children and creates a democratic, equal, and harmonious family atmosphere. She sets an example for her children with good cultivation. When her son Wu Youjun was studying, Mei Ru'e demanded strictly and taught carefully. After participating in the work, he actively worked hard. At the end of 2016, he received the HCIE-Cloud (cloud computing) certification certificate and trophy, becoming the first place Huangshi received the certification. one person. Today, Wu Youjun's career is successful, which is closely related to the correct education philosophy and teaching methods of Mei Ru'e's family.

In the community where she lives, Mei Ru'e also actively participates in the environmental sanitation of buildings to improve the living environment of the community; she makes suggestions for the community, actively cooperates with the community, and contributes to the creation of a civilized community; as a resident leader, In her community work in 1997, she enthusiastically provided services to residents, traveled upstairs and downstairs, actively communicated the spirit of various documents of community work, reflected the various situations of the residents and coordinated solutions, and harmonized with the residents. Although her education level is not high, she has advanced her ideology, actively joined the party organization, was enthusiastic about community charity, and participated in community volunteer activities. Whether it is the hot summer or the cold winter, as long as she needs to be on call, she has no complaints. .

As the 847 building is an old residential building with a long history and old infrastructure, septic tanks are often blocked, and residents complained. In order to solve the blockage problem of the septic tank in the building, Mei Ru'e was exhausted. First, check the specific situation of the septic tank overflow and understand the cause of the overflow. As the building has no property, the cost of clearing the septic tank shall be borne by the residents of the building. To this end, she worked from house to house, and suggested that residents raise funds to hire personnel to clear them. At the same time, they gave up the rest time at night and paid a charge for each household. Finally, along with the work of the scavengers, the septic tank was finally unblocked, and the residents lived in a clean and sanitary living environment.

During the creation of a civilized city in Huangshi, as a community volunteer, in order to maintain the traffic order at the Qinglong Pavilion intersection and improve the awareness of road traffic safety for the majority of the residents, she wore a little red hood every day and wore a “civilization from details” volunteer belt to come early At the traffic light intersection of Qinglong Pavilion, hold a small red flag to discourage pedestrians from crossing red lights and crossing roads and other traffic violations. One stop is three or four hours, but still stick to volunteer positions. At the same time, she actively participated in the roadside garbage cleaning activities, holding fire tongs in one hand and snake skin bags in one hand, picking up peels, vegetable leaves, paper scraps and other rubbish, using practical actions to make a meager effort to create a national civilized city, giving jurisdiction to The residents have brought a beautiful, comfortable and civilized living environment.

Mei Ru'e's family uses ordinary things in life, bit by bit, to paint a perfect picture of family life, explaining the true meaning of home as a harbor of love. "Harmonious family style and prosperity, work together to build a happy home" is a true portrayal of Mei Ru'e's family. (Reporter Wang Peng of Huangshi Daily)

Editor-in-chief: Li Huan
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