[The most beautiful family in the country] "Yang Xinxian Jun" Pan Laixiang: left companion mother-in-law and right best man

Posted time: 2019-07-30 09:29 source: Hubei civilization network

Before getting fate, Pan Laixiang, who lives in Xiawu Village, Futu Town, Yangxin County, also lived a little nourishing life. Her husband works at an agricultural service station in Huangpikou Town. He works in a linen mill in his town. His mother-in-law is loving and his children are around his knees. "Storm" struck on November 23, 2004: Her husband was suddenly involved in a car accident, and his brain was severely damaged into a "vegetative", and he could not take care of himself at all. The four-month hospitalization not only exhausted all the savings in the family, but also owed a butt debt.

At that time, Pan Laixiang was 39 years old, her husband was paralyzed in bed, her mother-in-law was old, and her children were still young. At that time, relatives and friends around her advised her to leave and not to bury her life in this family who could not see hope. But she couldn't bear and couldn't bear it. If she left, the house would be completely over.

After her husband was discharged from the hospital, Pan Laixiang quit his job and concentrated on taking care of her husband at home. Every morning, Pan Laixiang got up quietly, washed clothes, prepared breakfast, and started a busy day. Her husband eats three meals a day by feeding her spoonful and spoonful by the side of the bed. A meal is as short as 20 minutes and as long as an hour. Sometimes her husband lost his appetite and vomited all over her. "I can only give him a bib and feed him like a child."

In order to prevent her husband from shrinking and developing decubitus ulcers, Pan Laixiang turned her husband three times a day, rubbed her back, and massaged her hands and feet. When the weather was good, she would also take her husband to a wheelchair to go outside to bask in the sun. Every time after doing this, Pan Laixiang had sore hands, and in the long run, she suffered from severe shoulder inflammation.

After the accident, the family had no financial resources, and her late medical expenses and children's tuition became Pan Laixiang's biggest heart problem.

In 2005, Pan Laixiang decided to take a family with her relatives on the streets of Futu Town to make it easier for her husband to seek medical treatment. Second, it was easier for her to find work. Wake up in the middle of the night to help make buns early, take time out to do housework part-time, set up stalls to sell fried rice and fried rice, set up stalls to sell small groceries ... As long as you can get money, you have done all the dirty work. The force barely supports the expenses of the family.

Despite life being so difficult, Pan Laixiang never gave up on education for children. After the college entrance examination in 2009, his son Xing Xingguo quietly packed his bags to go south to work, and gave the opportunity to go to college to his younger sister who took the college entrance examination to ease the burden on the family.

"Your task now is to study hard. I will think of a way to pay for your tuition. Your dad ’s biggest wish is to get you to college. Are you going out to work now to be worthy of your father in your hospital bed?" Pan Laixiang said, and scolded his son. Meal. "

The misfortunes are not singular. In 2014, Doom raided the family again: the mother-in-law suffered a sudden cerebral hemorrhage, her right hand and right foot were severely atrophied, and her life could not be taken care of by herself. Faced with two patients paralyzed in bed, Pan Laixiang's shoulders became heavier. In order to take care of her husband and mother-in-law, Pan Laixiang simply moved her mother-in-law into her room. "Three people sleep in the same bed together, left companion mother-in-law and right best man." Every day, Pan Laixiang first dressed and washed the two, then fed the two with a bite, dealt with the incontinence, cleaned the quilt, and massaged the two people and moved their limbs every few hours. Soon, Pan Laixiang's care of his family started in town. At the end of the street, as long as this woman is mentioned, no one will give thumbs up.

"It is my responsibility to take good care of my mother-in-law and husband. This burden is heavy, but I have to carry it on." For 14 years, Pan Laixiang carried the family with his weak shoulders while he was sick and ill, and cooked at home He was clean, took good care of his husband and mother-in-law, and built a warm home with tenacious qualities and a broad mind, known as "Yang Xinxian". Pan Laixiang won the honorary titles of "Yellow Stone Model", "Jing Chu Model" and "Good Chinese". In September 2018, Pan Laixiang's family was named the "Jingchu Most Beautiful Family" and in 2019 was selected as the most beautiful family in the country. (Dong Chu Evening News reporter Hu Bo)

Editor-in-chief: Li Huan
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