Xuchang Bay, Ezhou City: Village rules and covenants make a beautiful village

Posted time: 2019-11-20 10:49 source: Hubei civilization network

In the autumn season, walking into Xu Changwan, Kongguan Village, Duandian Town, Ezhou City, a beautiful picture came into view: oranges were dressed in yellow coats and hung on the tree like a small lantern, and then they were green and green. The leaves are very bright in color; the paths paved with old bricks of various colors float like a "ribbon" into the front of the farmhouse; hillsides, bamboo forests, gardens, orchards, grass gardens, fish ponds Like "colored beads" inlaid on a circular road of more than 800 meters; a fragrant osmanthus tree and the residents' outer walls "Daming Return", "Hemei Xuchang Bay", "Happy Village", "filial piety" The exquisite colorful paintings of the “pictures” complement each other and outline beautiful pictures of rural revitalization.

More attractive than the beautiful scenery in the countryside is the "Village Regulations and Covenants" in the publicity column of the Gulf Affairs: advocating hard work, combating extravagance and waste, eliminating stereotypes, caring for elderly women and children, strictly prohibiting card gambling, maintaining ecological civilization, and supporting industrial development … 16 "promises" have become the norms for the villagers to consciously practice.

"In 2017, when promoting the construction of beautiful villages in the bay, some villagers did not understand for a while, and there was a phenomenon of 'traffic jams' and 'road jams'. Some villagers also proposed to 'occupy road tolls.'" Xu Desheng, a villager, said in order to solve this problem. One problem, the village secretary He Zelian did ideological work during the day and held a symposium in the evening to work with party members and village representatives to formulate village regulations and unify everyone's thinking. Please ask Xu Guozhen, Xu Jianjiang and other 6 'Five Old' township wise men to conduct specific operations. , Mobilize the villagers to actively participate, starting from the elimination of stereotypes and bad habits, the management of dirty, disorder, and poor, to formulate a village rules and regulations. At the same time, Wanli also set up the "New Three Meetings", namely, the villagers' council, the ethics council, and the red and white council. Relying on the leadership of the villagers, the villagers and the masses will work together to promote the implementation of the village covenants.

"Xu Changwan is a demonstration village for beautiful rural construction in the city. The superior gave 3 million yuan in funding support. We use every penny on the blade, do everything in the hearts of the masses, and spend every sum of money on The working idea of 'Understanding Accounts' has set up a project planning team, a fund supervision team, and a work coordination group in Wanli. According to the method of confirming the right, uniformly allocate two acres of land for road construction, and resolve land disputes. In the process of project promotion, the implementation of the “Four Ones” system of meeting the income and expenditure of funds, publicizing the accounts of income and expenditure, a consultation on difficult problems, and a village rule agreement, the comrades of the three working groups are often busy until 1 a.m. It took many minutes to go home, "said He Zelian, secretary of the village party branch.

Beside the door of Xu Pintang's home in his 70s, the red signage of the "Civilized Family" and the propaganda sign of the "Sanzijing" of the village regulations were particularly eye-catching. Vegetables such as cabbage, cabbage, red cabbage moss, garlic, etc. Yes, the petals of chrysanthemums in the flower beds on both sides of the gate are stripped, and the petals in the middle are rolled in like eagle claws. The petals around them stretch outwards, bend slightly, and sag slightly, as if the yellow waterfall is cascading down. Lao Xu just finished finishing his beloved "Ju Garden" and picked up a broom to clean the road in front of the door. He also occasionally pressed the "wave-like" footpath tiles under his feet with his hands.

"Village regulations require that households implement the" three guarantees "provision for cleaning, greening and waste utilization, and also include the" civilized family "evaluation conditions. Aijia Aiwan has formed a good bay. Lao Xu finished cleaning the front door and took a small book into the room, which recorded the case and feelings of his participation in the coordination of the beautiful rural construction project in Wanli.

There are 46 households with 158 people in Xuchang Bay. In the construction of beautiful countryside, more than 40 aqua latrines and 7 dilapidated houses were demolished. Dilapidated bricks were used to lay roads along the bay for a total of more than 900 meters. Less than one electric wire and one electric pole are all “five-wire” into the ground, the sewage pipe network is connected to every household, and all enter the sewage treatment terminal facilities.

"The superiors paid to create the environment in the bay. This is for the benefit of the people. We should work hard and do our work. Preliminary calculations show that the villagers invested more than 200 labors and saved more than 20,000 labor funds. To be careful, everyone must do it and everyone must contribute to build a good home, "Xu Dongping, the village leader, told the author. For more than a year, Xu Dongping kept silent on the beautiful rural construction project, stayed on the construction site during the day, and talked to the crowd at night to listen to everyone's opinions and suggestions. In total, it would reduce the family income by more than 9,000 yuan. But he had no complaints and donated 10,000 yuan. When his wife saw that he was too busy, he organized a "mother-in-law" when he was free. He could not enter the bay with a car, and he could only use a cart to transport construction materials. The "good mother-in-law" and "good daughter-in-law" of the civil agreement.

The village rules and covenants "covenant" out of good folk customs. Villager Xu Guiying donated 20,000 yuan for the construction of beautiful villages in the bay. Xu Zhiping, Xu Xinlin, Xu Hanping, and Xu Pingping had invested more than 1.5 million yuan in 18 villagers to renovate or build old houses. Each household invested nearly 10,000 yuan. Use the old bricks to build roads and plant trees and flowers behind the front of the house; the original old warehouse in the bay was changed to the villagers' council and the red and white council. Plate ", urging farmers to change customs and be frugal.

A spacious "Daming Square" is erected with a cursive "He", which is like a red streamer fluttering in the wind, and a "brick and blue tile" "Daming Memorial" is built on the south side. Several villagers around the square are obliging to arrange branches, Remove weeds.

"Xu Daming is a Xu Changwan native and one of the leaders of the Wuchang Revolution of the 1911 Revolution. He and Cai Jimin, Wu Xinghan, and Wang Wenjin were called the 'Big Four King Kong'. He died in February 1914 and was only 26 years old. In 1945, Duandian was changed to ' "Daming Township", there is a "Daming Demonstration Demonstration Group" in the bay, which is composed of 4 retired cadres, old teachers, old villagers, and old party members. The "Daming Memorial Hall" is the main body and a red education base is established. This propaganda and education activity is also written into the village regulations and folk conventions, to guide more people to remember their original intentions and carry forward the glorious tradition of the ancestors. "Xu Guozhen, a retired teacher, stopped cutting branches and said.

Through an area of bamboo forest, I saw an ancient tree towering, leafy and vibrant. "In order to protect this century-old tree, Wanli sent a" Xu Changwan Initiative to Protect Ancient Trees "to each villager's home, so as not to take the soil around the ancient trees, cut the old branches, or dig around the ancient trees. "Three no" content is also written into the village rules and regulations. Every year around the Qingming Festival, many villages in the bay democratize their soil and weed the ancient trees. "Secretary He introduced.

Xu Changwan's happy life came out "in agreement". In the middle of the bay, we saw two exhibition boards: the party member's vanguard post and the garbage classification area. "Now the country attaches great importance to promoting waste classification. Wanli has held a training seminar on waste classification knowledge. It has set up a special area for waste classification and arranged special personnel to manage it. It has also made waste classification a key content of village regulations and regulations, and strived to show waste classification. Dianwan's work is better. "Leader Xu is confident. (Chen Yueyue, Li Yaoyang, Du Weijun, Agricultural and Rural Bureau, Huarong District, Ezhou City, Hubei Province)

Editor-in-chief: Li Huan
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