Wuhan to build a harmonious and livable city

Posted time: 2019-12-03 14:06 source: Hubei civilization network

The East Lake Greenway gradually weaves into a net from an original winding curve, becoming a new place for Wuhan citizens to relax. Picture source: Changjiang Daily reporter Ren Yong aerial photography

"Return to the people" to create a slow-moving space, the reconstruction of the old community allows the relocated residents to move back, the former demolition of wasteland into a "net red" community green field, a three-generation volunteer composition and melodies ...

The heart of the city is people. Wuhan created a civilized city adhere to the "people's city for the people" and integrated the concept of "make people's lives more comfortable" into urban planning and construction management. Through refined urban management, it can bring visible and tangible citizens Progress and change.

A civilized city and a harmonious and livable city have also inspired the enthusiasm of all citizens to build and share. This kind of Wuhan has been displayed incisively and thoroughly at the military transport event, and has won the praise of guests from all over the world.

"Return to the People" Create Slow Travel Space

The level of planning and construction is an important evaluation criterion for creating a civilized city, and urban planning plays an important leading role in urban development. In the creation of urban space, Wuhan is people-oriented and incorporates concepts such as "respect for nature" and "green low-carbon" into the formulation of urban planning.

The main bank of the left bank of the Yangtze River can enjoy the beauty of the Yangtze River. Image source: Changjiang Daily

The section of Hankou along the Yangtze River from the Second Yangtze River Bridge to Wuhan Guan aims to build a world-class waterfront landscape avenue. How can more citizens feel the charm of this landscape axis? The Wuhan planning department invited an international design team, combined with domestic and foreign urban development experience, to decide to redistribute road rights and adopt a humanized design to create a slow-moving space.

Recently, at the intersection of Yanyang Avenue and Sanyang Road, a two-way non-motorized lane was added on the back side of the road, separated by a hedge in the middle. Surrounded by street trees, some citizens were cycling and running. One of the road designers, Xiong Beni, a senior planner of Wuhan Planning Research Institute, introduced that the section of this 4km road is composed of two-way lanes, one-way two-way non-motorized lanes and three-row road trees.

Xiong Beni pointed at the sketch road at the intersection of Sanyang Road along Yanjiang Avenue. This section is 35 meters wide. In the past, the motorway occupied 27 meters and the slowway was only 8 meters. Today, although the motorway still maintains a two-way 6-lane, However, the width was compressed to 20 meters, and the width of the slowway rose to 15 meters, which really returned the people.

Not only does the goal of the plan reflect people-oriented, Wuhan also fully respects the wishes of residents in the process of planning. This year, Wuhan has comprehensively carried out the planning of villages, which villages should be retained and which villages should be consolidated, and the opinions of local residents have been fully respected in the formulation of the plan.

When the planners surveyed in No.1 Village, Xianglushan Village, Tonghu Farm, Caidian District, there were only more than 30 households in the village. Due to the small number of households, according to the original plan, it is planned to relocate the village and concentrate on building houses. However, in the process of soliciting opinions from villagers, most villagers feel that the location is close to two lakes, the living environment is good, the market town is close, and the supporting facilities are complete, and they are reluctant to move out. After several field investigations and consultations with street committees and village committees, the planning department finally decided to respect the villagers' opinions and planned to retain the village and bay.

Planning errors are the biggest waste. The formulation of the plan must take full account of human needs. According to the relevant person in charge of Wuhan Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, Wuhan combined with big data analysis such as simulation laboratories to continuously improve the scientificity of planning.

Wuhan also guarantees the seriousness of the plan through local regulations. At the sixth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Fourteenth National People's Congress of Wuhan City, the "Decision on Promoting and Safeguarding the Construction of Urban Highlights Blocks" was voted and passed. It is clear that, according to the plan of urban highlights approved by law, no unit or individual may change it without authorization to ensure that a blueprint is carried out to the ground and it is effective.

Old residents who have moved out of the community have moved back

The key to creating a civilized city is to make up for the shortcomings and stay on the ground. Aiming at the difficulties and pain points of the poor old environment, poor infrastructure, and lack of real estate services, Wuhan has strengthened environmental improvement and facilities renovation to improve the well-being of the people.

The moon landing community is an old community with a history of 40 years. Residents have moved away due to the dirty environment. The “micro-renovation” of the community was started, and residents were invited to act as designers and managers, and the environment of the community was renewed. Recently, the old residents who moved away have moved back again.

Jiang Chunsheng, 75, is an old resident of the Moon Landing Community. He moved into the community in the late 1980s and moved in 2011. Since participating in the "micro-renovation" of the community, I saw that the community is getting better every day. Jiang Chunsheng has moved back this year. Chen Gang, director of the Xinhua Street Office, said that after the renovation of the moon landing community in July this year, two or three old residents like Jiang Chunsheng have moved back.

According to Chen Gang, the Moon Landing District is located in the Qushuilou community in Xinhua Street, Jianghan District, with 5 units and 106 households. Because there is no property management, and the terrain of the community is low, the underground drainage pipe network has been in disrepair for years, and it often rains. In 2018, Xinhua Street started the pilot project of “micro-reconstruction” of the old community, which was included in the first batch of renovation projects of the “red property” old community in the district.

Subsequently, the community held the first symposium on residents' planning recommendations. Dr. Guo Yan's team from the School of Urban Design of Wuhan University introduced the results of the previous survey of the community, communicated with the residents, and asked the residents for their suggestions for transformation. Proposals like this have appeared many times during the "micro-remodeling" of the moon landing community.

The 58-year-old Liu Zhiyong lived on the first floor of Unit 4, and his first suggestion for transformation was to solve the problem of underground drainage pipe network. This proposal was adopted by the planning team. There is also a resident "planner" called Fan Lianqing, who has lived here for 30 years. She said: "There are many elderly people in the community, so I propose to install seats and armrests in the corridor. It is best to have fitness equipment in the community, all of which have been achieved."

During construction, the residents' planners have become "supervisors", supervising the construction process of "micro-reconstruction" and putting forward suggestions and suggestions for improvement. When the community was transformed, the "supervisor" became a "manager" and residents set up self-help groups.

Currently, Fan Lianqing, Liu Zhiyong, and others are members of the "Poplar Volunteer Service Team" and participate in community management.

Demolition of illegal wasteland into "net red" community greenery field

"Urban management must be as delicate as embroidery." Implementing refined urban management is an important way to innovate urban governance and improve the degree of civilization.

How to dispose of garbage tests the management level of a city and the civilization level of a city. "Trash can't fall to the city streets to be more tidy." This is what He Chunmei, the head of the cleaning team of the Hongshan Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau, often hangs around. In the past, the sections that were cleaned up by a cleaning team had one or two garbage collection points for each section, and a large litter bin with a capacity of 240 liters was placed. Through the visit, He Chunmei learned that there are stains and noise disturbing the people at these garbage collection points located on the roadside, which not only affects the lives of citizens, but also is not conducive to the management of the urban environment.

Wuhan launched a garbage classification mascot. Image source: Civilization Office of Qiaokou District, Wuhan

According to the requirements of "exquisite sanitation", the urban management department will reduce the number of points and regularly collect and transport garbage without affecting the citizens' normal dumping of garbage. Before 6am every morning, the sanitation workers collect the trash bins, rinse them, and perform harmless disinfection. The trash bins are not visible on the street. After 8 pm, sanitation workers went to the street night market and merchants to collect and transport garbage. After a while, the road was cleaner.

More exploration is ongoing. Jianghan District has included garbage classification into the “three packs in front of the door”, and rattled the door to collect garbage to reduce the “burden” of overflowing crate bins, which has also increased the awareness of merchants along the street. Caidian District Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau, in conjunction with the District Education Bureau, launched a "little hands and big hands, garbage sorting into campus" activity, incorporating domestic waste sorting into teaching, and children in kindergartens, elementary schools, and middle schools learned garbage sorting.

Wuhan City has also issued the "2019 Wuhan Urban Refinement Management Standards", which proposes working standards on environmental sanitation, municipal facilities, landscaping, and façades. Since the beginning of this year, Wuhan has stepped up its efforts to improve the environment along the railway line. It has rectified exposed waste, illegally growing vegetables, and illegal construction. While dismantling illegal constructions, it has also fully considered the needs of citizens.

On September 19, the Yangchun Lake community football stadium located along the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail line was officially opened to the public. Two community football teams from Heping Street in Hongshan District played a "football match at their doorstep." Just a few months ago, this football field was a barren land by the railway, and the random cover and cover were serious. Since the beginning of this year, Hongshan District has pushed forward demolition and remediation along the railway. Heping Street demolished more than 5,000 square meters of illegal construction left along the railway, eradicating about 200 acres of illegal vegetable plots and rehabilitating about 180 acres.

Residents of Heping Street have always loved sports activities, but lack sports venues. The streets and communities have fully demonstrated that they have decided to introduce social capital and build a standardized community football field on the site. In mid-August, three greenery fields made a stunning appearance here. It is understood that this green field is loved by the surrounding residents. On weekends, the venue is in short supply.

Civilized and harmonious Wuhan admires military guests

During the military games, Wuhan volunteers took pictures with athletes. Picture source: Photographed by Ren Yong, reporter of Changjiang Daily

A harmonious and livable city is inseparable from the common participation of all citizens, co-governance and management, and construction and sharing.

Wuhan focuses on cultivating newcomers, promoting new styles, launching a variety of voluntary services, and guiding citizens and cities to upgrade and make progress together, showing the citizens' good spiritual style and urban civilization.

Focusing on the cleanliness and beauty of homes, Wuhan has carried out voluntary service activities such as "make the city more beautiful, clean the homes," "community civilization, drying," "one point of garbage, and 10% of the environment" in the streets and communities of the city; Voluntary service activities such as mediation of neighborhood conflicts have created a number of grassroots voluntary service brands such as "community horns" and "peacemen".

Wuhan also vigorously promotes "neighbourhood watch" volunteer services, focusing on meeting the daily needs of ordinary people. Relying on a 15-minute convenience service circle, we carry out life services such as food and water delivery, medicine and furniture repair, furniture and home appliances purchase, household haircuts, and elderly and children services. , Warmly help the empty nest elderly, difficult groups and the disabled, and use practical actions to improve residents' sense of well-being, happiness, and security.

During the 7th World Military Games, everyone in Wuhan was vying to be the host and welcomed guests from home and abroad who came to the event with a civilized, enthusiastic, tolerant and friendly attitude. During the recruitment of city volunteers for the National Games, a total of 212,000 people registered in the city, exceeding the recruitment plan. Including a three generation 28 person registration. The oldest volunteer in this most beautiful volunteer family is 76-year-old Li Jinsheng, and the youngest volunteer is 6-year-old Li Jiatong. From grandparents to grandchildren, all are volunteers. From generation to generation, they carry forward the spirit of volunteerism, compose family and beautiful music.

Du Chengcheng, the nation ’s most beautiful volunteer who “speaks movies for the blind”, Yang Hanqun ’s family of “Baizige”, Wang Xuefeng ’s family of the three-generation “urban construction family”, and Li Ting ’s family of “steel people” ... "Blooming in the city.

Volunteer service has become the "new fashion" of Wuhan citizens' life and the "landscape" of urban civilization. After the opening ceremony of the National Games, there was almost no garbage in the 60,000 spectator seats, tens of thousands of people gave up 174 kilometers of the special road for military transportation, and the audience warmly applauded for the "last" player ... A civilized and harmonious Wuhan, a city with a warm atmosphere Wuhan people, let the guests from all sides admire again and again. (Changjiang Daily reporter Tao Changning Wang Yaxin Trainee reporter Hu Weijia Correspondent Jin Hui Li Jun Wang Kai Liu Hongkai Yan Juanjuan)

Editor-in-chief: Li Huan
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