The "sister" of the left-behind children-Li Jing, a female teacher in the post-85 village in Shayang, Hubei Province

Posted time: 2019-12-30 10:08 source: Hubei civilization network

On the evening of December 27, Laoshan Village, Shiqiao Town, Shiyang County. Braving the north wind, across several fields, a young woman in a white down jacket and pigtails knocked on the door of the villager Chen Yuanxiu. "Ms. Li is coming home again." The 70-year-old grandmother took Li Jing into the house to bake fire. Sun Queen Liangqin and Wang Liang'e surrounded the teacher. You said a word and laughed.

Li Jing, born in 1985, is from Nong'an County, Changchun City, Jilin Province. After graduating from college, she devoted herself to rural teachers in remote and impoverished rural areas of Hubei Province for 10 years. Recently, she was named the "Most Beautiful Grass-roots University Graduate" by the Central Propaganda Department and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

Li Jing visits home.

Watch in the mountains

In 2009, Li Jing graduated from Hubei University of Arts and Sciences. At a support recruitment meeting, she was impressed by a phrase "children in the countryside hope teachers". In response to our province's rural teacher funding action plan, she came to Hujiaying Elementary School, Hujiaying Town, She County, Shiyan City, and started her three-year teaching career.

Hujiaying Primary School is located at the junction of Hubei and Shaanxi, surrounded by mountains, and is the only year-round residential primary school in the town. Most of the young people in towns and villages work outside, and the children are left to the elderly at home. Life is hard in the mountains. To this day, Li Jing remembers a child named Wenwen, who divorced from his parents. After his father went out to work, his grandparents brought him up. In winter, she discovered that Wenwen was wearing a pair of sandals barefoot, and immediately bought him a pair of cotton shoes and cotton socks.

For children in the mountains, Li Jing is not only a teacher, but also a parent. During the day, she teaches children. In the evening, the children told her about the family and the mountains. In winter, she bought clothes for the children with a meager salary. In spring, the children took her to climb the mountain, dig bamboo shoots, and taught her to recognize wild persimmons and wild walnuts. Something happened. The students secretly inserted notes and shared it with her.

Every holiday, the mountains are silent, and Li Jing, who is far away from his parents, feels lonely. What moved her was that some children walked the mountain road for seven or eight hours to accompany her. In this way, she and the children in the mountains accompanied each other and grew up together. "It turned out that the children couldn't wait to bury their heads under the table in class, and then rushed to answer their questions. Now 20 students have gone to college." Li Jing said.

Unforgettable look

In 2012, Li Jing ended teaching life in Dashan, took part in rural teacher examinations, and was assigned to Laoshan Primary School, Shihuiqiao Town, Shayang County.

Laoshan Elementary School is very small, with 6 classes in 6 grades, and a total of 71 students in kindergarten. Most of them are left-behind children from poor families. There are 10 teachers in the school, all over 50 years old.

Li Jing is the first female teacher in Laoshan Primary School and is still the youngest teacher in the school. "They were stunned, eyes full of surprise and joy." She still remembers the reactions of the students when she first entered the classroom. In order to get closer with the children, Li Jing and they sat at the same table with a pot of rice and insisted on home visits each semester. The names and family conditions of the 71 children were like her.

Rural children have a weak background, lack self-confidence, and lack communication with parents. Li Jing thought about it. She asked the students to write a essay under the title of "a letter to future children 20 years later." First-year children would not write drawings. Empathy works. "I want to spend more time with you" "I want to be your role model ..." At the parent meeting, Li Jing read out these essays, and many parents wept.

In 7 years, the school had six or seven college students to support the teaching. Only Li Jing was left behind.

"Children need me"

Laoshan Elementary School, rows of old bungalows, a slab road, 5 brick walls with mottled walls, and several traces of rain leakage. Li Jing and a few teachers live here. After marriage, in order not to delay teaching, Li Jing called her mother to help take care of her newborn daughter. The grandparents and grandchildren lived in a house of less than 30 square meters in "cool winter and warm summer" for more than a year.

"The countryside is no better than the city, and the conditions are harder." Talking about years of hard work and hard work, Li Jing's eyes were moist. "But when I came back from a business trip in Beijing, just after entering the school, the children shouted," Mr. Li is back! Ms. Li is back! "At that moment, my sense of accomplishment was amazing!" On the unforgettable Teacher's Day, the students secretly took the radishes at home , Cabbage on the desk, can not forget the students hugged her to pick oranges, gardenia flowers in the village.

"Children need me," she often hangs on her lips. For her, the most needed place is where to take root. In recent years, Li Jing has been named the National Outstanding Female Teacher, Jing Chu Good Teacher (Nomination Award), and Jingmen's Most Beautiful Teacher.

Persisting for 10 years and sowing the seeds of hope, Li Jing is like a warm lamp that illuminates the way forward for rural children. (Text / picture Hubei Daily full media reporter Dai Hui correspondent Quan Fanhua)

Editor-in-chief: Li Huan
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