Breeding the "Flower of Civilization" 21 New Age Civilization Practice Stations in Caidian District, Wuhan

Posted time: 2019-12-30 14:27 source: Wuhan civilization network

Community residents are singing and dancing, and cultural activities are becoming more and more abundant. Picture source: Wuhan civilization network

"The rural reforms have decrees, the family and social affairs are harmonious; the Shuxiangmen are nowadays, and the poems under the house are read aloud ..." In the cultural and sports activity square of Yong'an Street, Caidian District, a newly edited "HuaShuShu", a flower drum, won the crowd Applause. The singer is 62-year-old Gao Yunxiang and her volunteer performance team. Zhang Yuheng, a resident of Yong'an Street who often listens to the performances of the performance team, said: "This sings well and sings out the good policies of the party."

Gao Yunxiang's volunteer performance team is the epitome of 42,000 volunteers who broadcast the seeds of civilization in the new era in Caidian District. Since the beginning of this year, in accordance with the requirements of the central government, provinces and municipalities, Caidian District has accelerated the construction of a civilized practice center, strengthened the position of civilized practice, and made every effort to open up the "last mile" of the public, educate, care, and serve the people. Diverse and rich cultural practices, such as the spring wind and rain constantly infiltrate people's hearts, the "flower of civilization" was conceived and bloomed in the mighty spring wind.

On December 18, 21 New Age Civilization Practice Stations and Stations were established in Caidian Economic Development Zone (Sheshan Street), Caidian Street, Xingguang Village, and Longwangmiao Community.

Caidian Economic Development Zone and Sheshan Street Civilization Practice Center are listed. Image source: Changjiang Daily

Gather resources and strong characteristics, create a civilized practice station for the first time in private enterprises

"Conscientiously study, propagate and implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party, innovate mechanisms, diversify and co-govern, and build a co-construction, co-governance and shared community governance pattern."

On December 18, Wang Bo, a representative of the 19th Party Congress, deputy secretary of the Baibuting Community Party Committee, and president of the Baibuting Group, came to the Civilized Practice Institute of Caidian Economic Development Zone (Yanshan Street) to preach the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee. spirit. She talked about her personal experience and feelings, which made the corporate party members and community party members in the audience listen to it with interest.

Wang Bo said that in the new era of civilized practice, we must adhere to the people-centered work orientation, work hard to revitalize resources, improve mechanisms, and enrich carriers to better guide the masses and serve the masses. "The main body of civilized practice is volunteers, and the main activity method is volunteer service. 49,000 community residents in Baibuting joined the ranks of volunteers and established more than 290 characteristic volunteer service teams, which is to integrate resources and carry out various activities nearby. Volunteer service. "Wang Bo's presentation inspired participants.

Extensive integration of resources, better preaching the party's ideology, and better serving the masses. Caidian Economic Development Zone (Laoshan Street) New Age Civilization Practice Institute, through cooperation with universities in Han, invited experts and professors to present party ideas to party members, cadres and the masses; scholars and professors of Central China Normal University, Jianghan University and Wuhan Business School We will go deep into various communities, villages, and non-public enterprises, and send policy theory to grass-roots villages, communities, and non-public enterprises, so that the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party will "fly into the homes of ordinary people."

Caidian District also introduced the Baibuting Community, a “National Civilized Model Community”, and copied and promoted the mature “Baibuting Model” in Longwangmiao Community of “Restoring Villages” to create a new model of grass-roots community governance in Caidian.

Where the masses are, civilized practice extends. Caidian District has established Digital Die Stamping Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. in the area under its jurisdiction to build the city's first private enterprise civilized practice station. In this civilization practice station, new thought positions, reading rooms, party member activity rooms, etc. are set up to integrate corporate culture construction and new age civilization practice activities. The company's party branch secretary and general manager Sun Yumin said that the competition of enterprises is essentially cultural competition. At present, the company has registered more than 200 volunteers. Through party building activities and voluntary services, enterprises lead the construction of corporate culture, create a positive and positive atmosphere, comprehensively improve employees' ideological and moral levels, business capabilities, and promote innovation and development of enterprises.

Strong team seeks innovation 40,000 volunteers sow "seeds of civilization"

Residents redeem items at "Love Supermarket" Image source: Wuhan civilization network

As long as you participate in voluntary service activities organized by the community, you can earn corresponding points. With the points, you can regularly go to the "Love Supermarket" to redeem laundry powder, toothpaste, toilet paper and other daily necessities. At the Longwangmiao Community Volunteer Service Center, the "Love Supermarket" has attracted the attention of many residents.

Yu Hongzhi, a representative of the national civilized family and a backbone volunteer of the Baibuting community, is the spokesperson for the "Love Supermarket" in the Longwangmiao community. The whole family paired stories to help 24 empty nest elderly families.

Since October this year, the Longwangmiao community and the Baibuting community have been paired together to form a "red property" volunteer service team, a vanguard party member volunteer service team, an environmental governance volunteer service team, a pretty sister dance volunteer service team and more than ten volunteers Serve the team and carry out a number of voluntary service activities to help the community to improve the "face value", increase "temperament", level the land, replant greens, clean and sanctify the community, and create a "smile wall" to spread positive energy. "Now, the volunteer team in our community is like a snowball, and it gets bigger and bigger." Said Huang Shouping, secretary of Longwangmiao Community.

Caidian District “National Civilized Village” Xingguang Village Civilization Practice Station has specially set up social organization incubation institutions, and has become an important training base for public welfare posts and volunteers in Caidian District. In recent years, Caidian District has continued to build a huge team of volunteers, promote the changing of the customs with the "Three Winds Action", promote the new style of the times, and have achieved staged results. As of 2019, the number of registered volunteers in the region reached 42,000, laying a good foundation for promoting the construction of a civilization practice center.

On December 18, at the construction site meeting of the Civilized Practice Center in Caidian District, the leaders of 27 volunteer service teams and the leaders of 21 civilized practice centers and stations gathered together. Four volunteer service detachments and sub-units composed of members of the Caidian District's direct department units accept flags from city and district leaders. In the new era of civilization and construction, they will continue to play an exemplary role of party members. With their existing foundation and advantages, they will drive more voluntary service organizations, provide a variety of voluntary service activities for the masses, and promote the deepening of socialist core values at the grassroots level. People's hearts.

Precise docking needs "order service", such as spring weather and rain infiltrate Xintian

Longwangmiao Community's "red property" volunteers to repair small appliances for residents. Image credit: Wuhan

"My kitchen ’s drain pipe is blocked again. Can you fix it for me?" On December 1, Shao Mingjun, a 70-year-old resident of Longwangmiao community in Caidian District, came to the community volunteer service center for help. It ’s too much, flooding the kitchen with just one block. ”

After receiving Shao Mingjun's demand, the volunteers of the community "red property" picked up the toolbox and went to the door. Volunteers helped him replace the sewer pipe because the piping design was not reasonable and the drainage was not smooth. "Volunteer service is good, there is no charge, it is really caring." Shao Mingjun praised the volunteers.

On December 18th, at the construction site meeting of Caidian District Civilization Practice Center, the Caidian District Civilization Practice "Order Service" online platform was also launched online. Through the combination of "online + offline", the platform will be closely connected to the needs of the masses, and "people respond to me" to meet the needs of online orders and offline services.

"Your rice cooker overheating protection device has a problem and helped you fix it." Zhang Bo, a volunteer of the "Red Property" in Longwangmiao Community, asked the elderly Du Zicheng's home, "If something in the family breaks, call me to repair it at any time. "At the end of November this year, the staff and volunteers of the Longwangmiao community learned that some residents, especially the elderly, were unable to use their home appliances normally, which not only caused inconvenience in life, but also caused some hidden safety hazards. The community staff and the "red property" volunteer service team received the needs of the masses, and then launched a free home maintenance activity. "Through the connection of online and offline needs, we can quickly solve various problems of community residents and villagers."

In the Caidian Street and Hejie communities, a group of sunset red volunteer service teams with retired party members as their backbone are also practicing the spirit of civilization. The Hejie Community, which is located next to the Han River, is a typical old community in Caidian Old City Pass. It has many old houses and dangerous houses in the area, and has a serious aging of electrical wires. Most of the residents are elderly people, and their safety and security capabilities are weak. Every morning and evening, the members of this volunteer team will wear orange vests, red armbands that read "Cai Dian's Safeguard", and carefully inspect the streets and alleys of the jurisdiction. "Where the lights are off and the manhole cover is broken, they can be resolved through them."

In Sheshan Street Xingguang Community and Daji Street Dongxing Community, civilized practice stations gather high-quality resources in the community, such as smart communities, home pensions, "red properties", and social worker service positions, etc., to meet the needs of community residents in their retirement, study, and life. Demands from all sides, and constantly enrich the service functions of building a civilized practice station.

Integrating Cultural Stations and Changing Customs to Vitalize Villages

Caidian Economic Development Zone and Sheshan Street Civilization Practice Institute held calligraphy activities during the Spring Festival. Picture source: Wuhan civilization network

Embed the core values of socialism into people's hearts with increasingly rich cultural and sports activities. During the construction of the practice station and station, Caidian District combined the functions of grass-roots cultural stations and rural cultural stations to promote ideological and moral education and patriotism education with grounded and close-to-the-people literary and art propaganda. It continued to change customs and customs, and helped the villages rejuvenate culture.

As a local traditional folk performance in Jiuzhen Mountain, the performance of singing and dancing in the local flower drum is popular with local residents. After the establishment of the Civilization Practice Center in Yong'an Street, the successor of the Yongan Ground Flower Drum Performance, Gao Yunxiang, actively pulled more than 20 people's Ground Flower Drum Performance teams to join the volunteer service team of the Practice Center. "Our performance is to bring happiness to everyone. The Party's good ideas and policies will be sung to everyone, and everyone's happiness will be sung loudly. "

On holidays, Gao Yunxiang and the Ground Flower Drum Performance Team will take to the streets. Villagers hold wedding banquets in their homes and often invite them to come and go. "Yong'an people like to watch our program." Gao Yunxiang said: "Adults take their children to watch, especially the elderly, and can't wait to see them every day."

Yongan Street is located in the central area of Caidian's 18km rural revitalization demonstration belt. The relevant person in charge of the street introduced that the Yongan Di Flower Drum Performance Team went into the community, villages and bays to perform nearly 30 performances every year on average, and was welcomed by local residents. In the future, the Yong'an Street Civilization Practice Center will also absorb volunteer folk performance teams such as dance teams and waist drum teams, incorporate new ideas into the performance, publicize the Party's policies in a quiet way, and convey the ideas of civilized practice.

Xiaosi Township in the west of Wuhan is a key area for targeted poverty alleviation in the city. The construction of Xiaosi Township Civilization Practice Station and station will be combined with the "cultural station" and the construction of beautiful countryside. Organize artists and university scholars to visit the institutes and stations to carry out business training, artistic style, social practice, spread ideological civilization, and use these characteristics to promote local tourism development and labor employment, and promote rural cultural revitalization.

Exploring the practical mechanism for the "flower of civilization" to continue to bloom

Citizens are reading a picture Source: Wuhan civilization network

The relevant person in charge of the Civilization Office of Caidian District introduced that the district's civilization practice centers, institutes and stations will closely integrate the actual situation of the masses and organize various forms of educational practice activities. Through brand activities such as the “Hanjiang Forum” and “Hanjiang Forum”, the theory lectures and the people ’s lectures were brought to the masses, and the “four classrooms” of theoretical policy classrooms, ideological and moral classrooms, rural and civilized classrooms, and spiritual and cultural classrooms were promoted. The Party's theoretical line strategy, socialist core values, socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the Chinese Dream have taken effect in rural areas and have taken root. Cultivate and implement mainstream values, vigorously publicize and implement "Thirty Articles of Civilized Etiquette of Caidian District Citizens", carry out "I know the knowledge of civilization" roving propaganda, and expand the coverage of civilized etiquette. Deeply excavate the ideological concepts, humanistic spirit, and moral norms contained in excellent traditional farming culture, continue to promote the "three winds" action, promote the "epoch culture", "filial piety culture", and "good book culture" in the new era, and enrich the cultural life of the masses. We will deepen the "our festival" theme activities, combine "send culture" and "cultivation culture", and conduct activities such as "send drama to the countryside", "send movies to the countryside", and "red literary cavalry". Continue to deepen the changes of customs and customs, promote the revision of village regulations, people's conventions, and residents 'conventions, and bring into play the role of autonomous organizations such as the Red and White Council and the villagers' council, and curb unhealthy practices such as showing off wealth, showing great control, disrespectful filial piety, and feudal superstition.

In order to comprehensively promote the practice of civilization, Caidian District combined with the actual situation and improved various working mechanisms. The party organization secretary at all levels served as the director of the new era civilization practice center (station, station). The leader is in charge, and the leader is responsible for the specific implementation. It also integrates the resources of all parties in the jurisdiction, exerts the leading role of party building, and guides the whole region to actively participate in the practice of civilization.

The main person in charge of the Caidian District Party Committee believes that the construction of a new era civilization and practice center is a strategic move to promote the overall revitalization of the countryside and meet the farmers' spiritual and cultural life needs, as well as a specific practice to improve the grassroots social governance system. In order to highlight the key points and comprehensively grasp the tasks and requirements of the construction of a civilized practice center, we must always work tirelessly, with perseverance and long-term success. (Planned by the Yangtze River Daily: The Propaganda Department of the Caidian District Committee of the Communist Party of China: Zhang Yongjun, Wang Yan, Zhang Heng, Yang Hu, Sun Keliang, and Photography: Chen Liang)

Editor-in-chief: Li Huan
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